The Vault

I’ve heard talk of a new spawn which is exciting because of all the things we can do. I plan on building, in part, a villager vault at said spawn if it happens. Ive already bought 45 villager eggs in preparation. I want to blast a cylinder to bedrock to create a inverted tower complete with a public diamond mine/lava farm,public end portal, public enchanting area, public storage, public farms, and a public system that breeds villagers and organizes them to their respected profession in a totally secure location. I plan on doing most of the work unless anybody wants to help but I will definitely need help with the red stone and villager sorting system. I know almost nothing about villagers and I’ve started working 50-60 hour weeks so Ill be too stressed for time for red stone headaches. I’ve always wanted spawn to be more than just the surface layer. This idea opens up the door for underground shops, tunnels, railways, and whatever else people want to do.

Wow that sounds awesome. A new spawn has not necessarily been discussed or even planned - but that does not rule out this build at the current spawn.

Perhaps a new town is possible? Then people can build a nether tunnel system to it?

I agree, many people are very busy at this time of the year sadly. :frowning: So any help is awesome, I am sure.

New spawn was just an idea being tossed around if it’s not official beyond that. Building a new spawn would be the equivalent of starting a new world with all the work that’s gone in to this one. Literally every player that’s current is connected to it. I will try to find an ideal location. I like the idea of a new town. The area around spawn is very crowded. I would try to put the vault next to spawn but the amount of tnt I have stored for this project frightens me.

Unless the diamonds have a timed interval to respawn, I ain’t believing in a diamond mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

haste 2 w/effV at bedrock +14. When you clear out a 50/50 chunk just move over another 50 and continue the shaft. A few hours of this = a stack of diamond blocks.

early blasting stage. Inverted tower and main town chamber started.


more blasting

more stuff

Looks Awesome Israelllllleeeee.

Have you found someone to take care of the redstone yet?

Twoday and I could take care of that

I’ll need redstone stuff soon. mostly elevators


The vault is at this moment not functional lmao. Shocking I know. I’m working on the villager storage area right now. Its coming along nicely. If anybody that actually knows something about villagers wants to come over and put in their 2 cents itd be much aprettiated. Also if anybody wants to build something at the vault I wouldn’t mind. I need anything and everything from a skeleton farm to a fishing cave to elevators. Its starting to take shape. Once this project is done it’ll be a monster. I am also inviting anybody that wants to set up a base at the vault to do so. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of a giant public chest room or a hotel where you can set up base. I tend to have one building theme when I do a project and that happens to be prismarine lately.

Any donated building material would also be much appreciated. I have stone. Don’t give me stone pls.

Its about a week from being functional to some degree but it’s months from being finished.