The Trench Warfare Gamemode.

Hello. eternal here.

So here is my idea of the ‘Trenches’ gamemode with added and other ideas. So here are the ideas:

*No weapon except rifles and grenades. Building will not be allowed.
*if you get a streak of 12, you get to put on artillery fire on a specified location.
*The main idea of this gamemode is to ermm dig out trenches and kill the enemy team…
*the player will be invulnerable to any damage for 2 seconds after spawning.


The map will be pretty big , maybe a square battlefield with a dark bluish sky. maybe 500by500 blocks? (undecided) The base would be a mini fort with unbreakable blocks? (undecided)


*artillery script
*no smg and shotgun script
*antispawnkill script
*no building script

(I got some scripts from this webpage>> GitHub - matpow2/pyspades-userscripts: pyspades scripts, made and maintained by the community.)

Thanks. and gimme some suggestions. ALSo SCRIPTERS AND MAP MAKERS NEEDED. I WILL TRY TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE MAPS BUT I AM IN NEED WITH SCRIPTERS. Thanks izzy for all your help. Have a good day.

EDIT: i’m thinking about cancelling the artillery scripy and also thinking that this may be a bit complicated. Maybe i could just put two trenches in the map which would be 2 blocks high

I could lay down a base script…then have some of the pros look over it.
EDIT: You know what…I could just modify the airstrike script.

Umm… The only thing that bothers me is that this sounds eerily similar to Minit server.

are you talking about the push server?? hmmmmm… i should change it a bit like without artillery.

Aww…I fixed up a script for ya… (7.17 KB)

Honestly, I think we should add shotguns. The idea is getting the enemy out of their comfort zone, right?
Also, make it so spades and explosions break blocks, but that’s it, no bullets.

I agree even back in ww1 they had the shotgun called the trenchgun that thing did damage

So what about my artillery script? Did it work? I couldn’t test it…you all know the situation…

Could we have Physical artillery batteries that make the artillery less effective if one is destroyed, and totally ineffective if they’re all destroyed. They could be only breakable by enemies, to avoid griefing. Also, here’s an idea, in reall WW1, they never stopped artillery until a soldier conveniently got 20 something kills. Let’s make it so that artillery will continually strike randomly in the enemy’s no man’s land and forward trenches.
Yes, I did mention a no man’s land, and that brings me to the next topic. Could someone make landmine and barbed wire scripts? This would make it more authentic, and deter people from simply charging in guns-blazing into the enemy trench. They’d have to be careful, cut through barbed wire, watch for mines, get through heavy artillery, and, of course, enemy players. This ensures getting a good position is as true a challenge as any :smiley:

Erm…I couldn’t do that. That seems REALLY beyond me.

Yeah, the latter scripts would be REALLY hard (Maybe a joint effort between scripters?) But the artillery one is basically just continuous artillery with the intensity variable changing depending on the batteries.

My artillery script is a modded one. Try and get the fallout script that has the obnoxious bombs falling everywhere.

if you want an artillery script, Influx made a really cool mortars script that you can test on his testserver. i tried it out a while back and it’s really fun and w/ his most recent update it’s become much more userfriendly to use.