The Sticky Bandits

Competitive mindsets and outstanding abilities are what separate us from most other clans. We pride ourselves in upholding a higher level of integrity and values most often neglected in the online world. We are a tight community of pro players who assist each other, perfecting our tactics for fun, friendship and most importantly, for the love of the game.

As most of you may already know,The old AoS forums are being replaced by a new forum created by the jagex company.And seeing as how you need to create your own website for your clan,We decided to create a small topic on the forums.Reason why is because all of our members play on your game servers and I see this as an opportunity to help out your forums/servers in any way(such as reporting hackers,glitchers,etc).We are also aware of the “no advertising your clan ingame” rule,and we promise to follow your rules not just this specific rule, But any other rule your forums have.This topic isn’t neccesarily for recruitment or for our members to post in,but we will be needing it to keep track of things such as fake members,inactive members,reporting members and much more.Plus if any non TSB member sees one of our members break a rule or is a fake,they can report them here.At the moment we are not recruiting anyone,but you are still free to make an application and if we see it’s good enough,we might consider it.

I’ll be updating the topic with more important clan links later.
EDIT:I highly recommend our members to also visit aloha’s IRC channel to report any hackers/glitchers you find ingame,I will be posting a tutorial on how to use an IRC client to make visiting these channels easier.
Perhaps I should have informed an admin if it was okay to post this here,but If it’s not,feel free to lock this topic.

except for the fact that Aloha dosn’t let you use their site as clan advertising in anyway…

I personally don’t see a problem with this. I mean, perhaps under normal circumstances we wouldn’t allow this, but this is a special case. Perhaps just keep this as a temporary thing though, it’s very easy to make your own website after all. I’m not speaking for aloha though, just as my own opinion on the matter.

I like waaaayyy more than the new forums(I just thought of this up randomly)

You can actually still get to the 2nd-gen forums (I don’t want to call it old, since there’s actually an older forum), and post in them. I’m not sure how long they’ll last though.

Sally said they’re going down tomorrow.