The quick build feature in zombies...

It doesn’t work at all. When will you fix it?

Humans get the build feature and zombies can still build by right clicking not left clicking. :-\

I think that he means the building abilities of humans
It used to be that after certain amounts of kills you would be able to /build # and place a structure like a bridge or a wall

Fix dat then. I want to be able to quick build.

It was fairly useful for the better humans cause you can build quick stairs upwards and massive skyforts and choke points to kill zombies

Yeah. If I go on and I’m a zombie, I just use the right click to build :wink:

But back to the question. WHAT HAPPENED TO IT?

I think it was disabled due to block spam… Not enough people were using it for ‘good’… :-\

Oh well. At least it’s a block that will float it mid-air, and can’t be taken down! xD

Thats balls. It should be re-enabled.