The new version of aos....

Hey guys. Just here to get your opinions on the Jagex version of aos. I know im unhappy with it and I want to know if your as upset about it as I am. I was perfectly happy with the simple, fun, addicting game that was aos classic but it looks like Jagex screwed this one up to… :frowning:

I actually got the game from a friend for free. I played it and the overall game is fun, but because it has so many bugs and its laggy. It makes it not fun. Bugs like I place 1 block and the game crashes. And glitches where its like minecraft loading and you can see through stuff. I would have more fun it they fixed that. But it is a rushed game.

Yea I’ve heard about all the bugs. I’ve also heard that the entire world is ruined within a half hour because there are so many explosions and miner digs…

Honestly, you can’t compare it with the Classic version because it simply isn’t the same game.

I strongly agree. In the AoS Betas, building had a strong presence. In 1.0, all it is is destruction. They’ve ruined it with the class system and took away third party server hosting and that is why so many people hate it. And of course there are the people that don’t even know the beta existed because they just found out about AoS. Those are pretty much the only people who like it.

Here is my opinion…

Commando: Spammer
Rocketeer: Noob
Miner: Griefer
Sniper: The only OK unit

I have thought about buying it, but I am still not sure if I actually want to.

I wouldn’t. Also, you should see this if you’re thinking about it:


Of course, sniper is only hard because AOS 1.0 is too laggy for you to hit anything. OpenGL isn’t a very good engine for multiplayer games based off of a lot of moving in a 3D invironment and 3D dynamic terrain. The reason Voxelapp worked so well was because it was made just for those games.

I bought it, but rarely play it because it is way to slow and lags a lot.