The Greatests Babel Towers!

The Greatests Babel Towers

I decided to make a topic to immortalize our greatests constructions, the masterpiece of babel game mode.
Feel free to post your greatest creations and to comment about it.

About Battering Ram Towers:
Those towers are opened in its back so they can be continually built, even though they have reached the sky. The most efficient model, designed by me, requires floors 6 blocks high and 6 blocks wide, while its lenght may vary from 4 blocks to 20 or even more. This allows the tower to be easily repaired and also means that the builders are protected from snipers for most of the time (by first building a security wall 2 blocks high when new floor needs to be built and then making the front wall 7 blocks high). The construction time may vary according to the lenght of the tower and how many players are building it. Most of the times, I am able to build, alone, faster than the enemy a tower as the green one down here.
The biggest problem is that, as there is just one block wide stair, it can be easily blocked by a griefer player, and you would really waste a lot of time trying to make another way up. This has happened to me several times and, fortunately, there is always another outside stair that may be built.


1. The Blue Battering Ram Tower

Its construction was aided by the team, and led us to the absolute victory:

[details=More Images]

2. The Green Battering Ram Tower

It was all built by myself, while the team was trying to build a diagonal stair. So it is smaller than the blue one, and took less time to be built.

More Images


I have also included the saved maps here.

blue_tower.vxl (2.2 MB)

green_tower.vxl (2.4 MB)

blue_tower-fixed.vxl (2.17 MB)

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3. The Great Stealth Tower

Designed and built by Keoni, this tower is invisible on the map. It's also huge and hard to be destroyed.

By Keoni on May 01, 2014, 12:18:22 AM HST

4. The Great Gravestone Tower

Projected and built by Keoni: "Tadaa, heres the great gravestone-tower crumpet and me build on the Babel_Eu server… its still standing at that time for those who want to have a look :D"

By Keoni on April 17, 2014, 02:05:10 AM HST

5. The Great Blue Tower

A tower projected and built by Keoni. Complete closed rear side with internal stairs. As the Ram Towers, it is safe to build, easy to repair and hard to destroy.

Image by Keoni

Images by Keoni, on April 07, 2014, 04:54:06 AM HST

6. The Great Staircase

The most built stairs in Babel. It's design makes it simple and relatively fast to be build. Although, builders may get easily shot while constructing it, and without side scaffolds, it's very hard to be repaired.

Image by GraveBear

Images from GraveBear

With a Fort attached to it:

∞. Saved Tower variations

Babel game saved by Gabrui. (tower3.vxl)

Babel Game 11:20 GMT, 25/03/2014

A Ram Tower built by Nope, Gabrui, Horny and other players, with a semi Staircase in its left side (built by the other players). It led us to the victory.


Babel screenshots by GraveBear

By GraveBear on March 25, 2014, 03:35:28 PM HST

Ingame tower provided by Grave Bear.

And a fort, built by GraveBear, supposed to be attached to the tower (reproduced in SuperCool Build)

"Great Homo Staircase" by Nikolas147

By Nikolas147 on March 31, 2014, 06:37:59 PM HST

"Bege Staircase" by Keoni and Nope

by Keoni and Nope on April 12, 2014, 02:40:18 PM HST

"Icecream Staircase" by CaptainKiwi

by CaptainKiwi on April 12, 2014, 11:11:05 PM HST

"Two-Sided Staircase" by Keoni

by Keoni on April 23, 2014, 10:57:10 AM HST

"Minecraft Tower" by GraveBear

by GraveBear on April 25, 2014, 05:40:19 PM HST

"Staircases" by Keoni and CO

[details=by Keoni and CO on April 25, 2014, 07:41:43 PM HST]Created by Bajanmonkey, Communist, Nope, x unknown builders, and Keoni.

Click for details

Click for details


"SideWalks" by Gabrui

Click for details

"Red SideWalk"

red1.vlx Sidewalk by Gabrui on 05/05/2014 at 01:20GMT

Built in game and helped by other players.

"Yellow SideWalk"

Built by Gabrui and CO on 10/05/2014

Check attachment YellowSideWalk2.vlx

"Red SideWalk" (1 & 2)

Built by Gabrui and CO on 11/05/2014

Check attachments RedSideWalk.vlx and RedSideWalk2.vlx

"Towers" by Lostmotel

by Lostmotel on May 08, 2014, 02:08:54 PM HST

Typical staircase tower built by Lostmotel with some help from ScrapHeap and other builders.

A more experimental type of tower. Nope and a few other players helped Lostmotel to build it.

"Two Yellow Towers" by Gabrui and [pk] larry

Built on 10/05/2014

Check for attachment twoYellowTowers.vlx
The ram tower was build by Gabrui and the closed yellow tower was built by [pk] larry

"Saved in Game Ram Towers" by Gabrui:

[details=Ram Towers][details=Ram Tower 8 On 26/04/2014 at 18:30 GMT]
Built by Nope, Gabrui, and other team-mates.


[details=Yellow Tower]Built by Gabrui, (TMB) AA and YoshiGirl
Check attachment yellow1.vlx


[details=Yellow Tower]Built by team mates and Gabrui
Check attachment yellow4.vlx


[details=Yellow-Blue Ram Tower]Built by Gabrui and assisted by other players.
Check attachment yellow2.vxl


[details=Mixed Tower]Attached here


Bege Ram Tower built by Gabrui and Team on 15/05/2014

Check the EPIC-BEGE-RT attachment.

Blue Ram Tower built by Gabrui and Team on 16/05/2014

Check the EPIC-BLUE-RT attachment.

Enemy Tower


Check the Attachments for blue5.vxl  blue6.vxl  blue7.vxl

Another Yellow Ram Tower

tower3.vxl (2.08 MB)

blue5.vxl (3.5 MB)

blue6.vxl (2.13 MB)

blue7.vxl (2.22 MB)

yellow1.vxl (2.1 MB)

red1.vxl (2.51 MB)

yellow2.vxl (2.35 MB)

YellowSidewalk.vxl (2.27 MB)

yellow4.vxl (2.34 MB)

twoYellowTowers.vxl (2.42 MB)

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Cool towers. I’m actually amazed you could keep these up. most of my towers are taken out by smgs and when I’m on most of the team build really crappy towers.

I’ll try to see if I have any babel tower shots in my game footage.

Awesome stuff, thanks for posting.

Very cool! I like the strong design which will resist the disastrous smg fire. Keep up the good work!

I like the design, its strong and looks awesome, i built one of those today with Gabrui, and yes it is easy to repair.
It can take several minutes to finish, but i really like its strong design.

And this is the result of a intentionally griefed blocked tower, it is almost impossible to repair and hard to climb:



And even though it don't get intentionally griefed, anothers players may not follow its design and make it messy.

tower_griefed.vxl (2.33 MB)

You should get on the irc when that kinda stuff happends.

a tower design I like is building 2 4-block wide walls with a 2 block gap in between them and just placing a ‘step’ 2 blocks up every time

Where is a pic of a spaghetti tower?

“The Great Wall/tower Of Babel”


Thanks for sharing,
It is a tough tower too, a really good design.
I used to build Wall Towers like that too, but as I was getting killed so many times for being exposed, I’ve changed the layout so it could also give more protection to the builders.

Anyway, The Wall Tower is a Great Babel Tower, good job building it.

The green tower looked like a diving board from a certain angle. Besides that I really like the design because it protects the builders, which is something that we rarely see.

it looks awesome~ 8)

That’s a good defensive spot, I suppose it is just supported by the Wall Tower you have posted. It is a good strategy, thanks for sharing.
I will enumerate the towers in the first post, ok?

This explanation is japanese but i know u guys can translate it :wink:

this site has alot of OPENSPADES babel towers n its impressive so u guys should chexk it out if u guys have some time[:
its not my site btw

Edit:gave u guys a wrong link my bad :confused:


Some more pics
Now I trying to make better ones now and more awesome on super cool build (H3)

Click for details

Click for details

Click for details

Click for details

Click for details

Click for details

Em…sorry for double post but I just made a model of my new fort design :smiley:

The red blocks are where the tower/stairs are

1 side is for free shooting(Harder But More View)
The other is for more emm protection and focus view(Easier But Less View)
Both sides are still pretty good :smiley:

Click for details

Click for details

Click for details

Click for details

I will bring that to the first page, as an tower variation. Thanks for providing it, soon we will have a big Tower of Babel Index. :smiley: