The Greatest of all

Hi yall!

Its so good to see this game is still alive, I used to play back in the day when the server list was full of full servers (lol), I see there’s a lot of server chains and players around too (not nearly as much as it used to have but that’s okay) and what about clans?

Back in 2012 I met some great people while playing ace of spades, mostly from clans like FF, Lines, Komrades, SPQR, DELTA, USAB, TG, etc… None of them is still active I guess… but I’m here for a little nostalgia feeliHi yall!

What are some of the greatest players you have seen so far on this game? Rifle players, SMG players and shotgun players, spade players, lol. I can name a few of them: Uv, topo, Grandy, PABH, all rifle players. I didn’t meet any smg or shotgun player to be named… And what about the greatest of these days? Who are you guys?

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Ay, great to see you find your way back!

I can confirm that topo is a god at the game. :laughing:

the best smg player that comes to my mind is detank. i dont know anyone else with that kind of control over recoil.

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I remember B00M was really good at pinpoint specifically. I also agree that topo was definitely up there