The Great Babel Heavens Update of 2021

We have done it again.

We all love babel.

It is a tried a true formula. An emblem of AoS at this point in this game’s entropy. We have decided, despite no one asking us to, to add yet another gameplay gimmick to it; to deflower its otherwise impeccable and minimalist nature with yet another fad that’ll probably be gone by the next rotation or 10.

New heavens platforms!

The Pinpoint:

The Checkerboard:

The Diamond:

The Big Hole (yeah real original):

The Random One (different each time the map loads, wow!):

The platform types are currently tied per maps, so be sure to give suggestions if you’d like to see one featured on a specific map!

Very neat, I liked these and hope they stay, except checkerboard.

I’ve received reports that checkerboard was a real bitch and a half for laggy people. I’ve modified it so it’s 2x2, pending next restart! I’ve also added a couple more designs that you’ll discover in-game :slight_smile: