The Five Stages of Grief - YouTube Video [1:15]

Spectator goes through the Five Stages of Grief.


That’s what you get for making penises, specally if you’re building it on the tower :wink:

It looks to me that the griefer in this video is the one destroying the structure


lol poor dank LMAO

^what snipe said. There was an opening available… this is an abuse of power. If it was closed off, it would be justified. Doesn’t matter if you’re offended by penises.

If you are building a structure, have spent lots of time setting it up, and in the process have had more or less no help to do so…
…then having some dork come and add penises to it makes the removal of said tiny appendage permissible in my eyes…

There might have been a tiny slot to walk through, but who is to say that that walkway was not meant to grow upwards, thus making the passage unpassable?

While I do not know about the exact circumstances of the depicted situation, I have had enough instances where there is a very thin line between team mates being plain old stupid, and them intentionally griefing. I must admit that my levels of tolerance are being reduced over time.

On a side-note: Those babel players who prefer to spend their time doing interior redecoration should move to a build server. They are blocking a slot for constructive player, and their behavior is nothing but exhibitionism. (Doing something “shocking” with a maximum size audience).

This does not mean that I despise the occasional well executed “structure”, I just think that it can be done as a part of the ongoing game, instead of being obstructive: