The Fallout server

Just a heads up everyone.

In the Fallout server, it seems 2 factions have arisen. The ‘Order’ faction, and the ‘Bandits’ faction.

The Order faction is made up of Blues and Greens working together to survive against the nuclear fallouts and the bandits. They generally create bases and stuff and repair it as it gets damaged. The leader is whoever takes control at the time.

The Bandits factions just kills anyone it meets, it has no special ranks or bases like the order. Every once in a while someone will come along and try to organize the bandits. If the bandits organize, they are then called the Rebellion Army. And will kill anybody of the opposite team regardless of if they are in the order or not.

I am personally part of the order and proud of it!

I am loving the way the fallout server is evolving to have it’s own factions and things! I would love to see this implemented officially as part of the Fallout Server gamemode. It really increases the replay value of the server, I played for almost 4 hours today :O, that’s the most AoS I have played in… forever.

What I want is squads…

I was the first one to join the fallout server, atleast that day, which i was banned from it <-<
Anyway, a friend of mine made up the rule of no killing, just surviving, and the ones that killed were votekicked, since there were not many people that day, they were succesfully votekicked. When alot of people were in the server some were killing without any control, so we made a survival group, it was me (blue) and other greens friends which i forgot their names of…
And so it started…

Sorry for my bad english :-\

I see myself as a Bandit type person. Killing everything is what I’m made to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually your english is perfect.

@Hobohob: I was part of the order faction but then it just got boring so I became a bandit and killed everyone ;D Then they started a votekick on me

I have the CIO (Command of Intelligence Office) and CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) factions. We survived the downfall of the USA, and the 87th Airborne is the last survivng regiment. Our blocks are Teal. We just kill anyone who betrays friendlies. In this map, the 87th Airborne team is the MACPNF (Military Assistance and Command Post Nuclear Fallout).


Yes. That is the new name. We use Teal Blocks.

The remnants of the Soviet government emerged from their bunkers below the metro to find death and conflict. Intent on ending the madness, they formed the Soviet Committee for the Preservation of Humanity (SCPH), the Soviet counterpart to the MACPNF, taking on humanitarian efforts in building deep shelters accessible via the metro stations and tunnels. SCPH agents welcome all into their bunkers decked out in soviet red and gold, but be warned people who intentionally damage bunkers or act with hostility to others taking shelter will be shot on sight. SCPH bunkers are easily recognizable by their red and gold entrances.

Wait…the Spetsnaz defected AGIAN? They were part of the MACPNF…whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:


-use teal blocks to build shelters
-state that shelters are no kill zones
-fortify shelters
-be ready to defend from Bandits

Is Hobo going to post about the order more?

I am so lost right now.

I am so confused. There are only 2 factions, the order and bandits. Right?

Nope. 2 others have been founded. My MACNPF and ncs007’s SCPH. The MACPNF builds Teal bunkers underground in the metro. These are safe zones, and you can customize your bed. I don’t know much about the SCPH, but I do know that some Bandits went and put swastikas all over the B2 bunker. I need some volunteers to join the MACPNF. BTW…the MACPNF and SCPH bases are defended. So if any Bandits or griefers come by…we will kill them.

^I was one of the bandits who raided the SCPH bunker.

Darn, bad i am still banned from that server, so much things happening without me :-\

Was that you who put the swastika on the wall ryu?

When I played this game mode, I really liked how a) I got really attached to surviving, and b) I got to form some legit bromanships, even though they only lasted until one of us died. I think introducing squads would help teamwork, but lessen the need to survive somewhat, cause you can just spawn in the same place and not worry about it.

IMHO, I think we should make the two teams “survivors” and “bandits.” Survivors get points for staying alive, bandits get points for killing. All the survivors are on their own team (can kill each other), but have the ability to “/friend” other survivors (as long as the other survivor agrees). That way people who just want to kill each other can join the bandits, and people who want something a little different can be survivors. Survivors could get extra points for capping intel or something.

Wat thinks?

I second this idea. I hate not knowing whether someone is friend or foe, an enemy can just hold a block to trick me into thinking he’s friendly and then spade me when I get close. It would be much better if the game mode was changed to occupy the way everybody plays.

Haha damn that’s happened? The bandits are learning!

Oh and this is just a thought: maybe player-placed blocks could be a little more resistant to the airstrikes or something? Just so above-ground bunkers and such would be a little less impossible to maintain. Although that seems more complicated than it’s worth to code.

Ness betrayed me and Mornkey. Said we were retards.