The <@> Clan

So I know that the <@> clan is one of the oldest clans and they consist of a bunch of pros including izzy and tank. Theyve also murdered all of their challengers in matches. But why won’t they recruit or consider accepting other pros. There are other pros besides them who didn’t know about AoS. How did the other members get in, were they all founders? Any explanations from izzy or tank?

Just put a little <@> next to your name lol ;D

It’s not about the name, it’s because the clan had no leaders, no ranks, and izzy was in it which I didn’t know he was in a clan.

do u want to be a part of it?

Yes, apparently they will invite you if they deem you to be good but when I ask TGM he said he doesnt recruit.

I ask you the question, Why do you want in the clan? Is it because of the prestige? The power? Or is it because you know most of the members and think they are cool people and just want to play with them.

Well first off, don’t expect to get in. People, such as Tank and izzy, were accepted because of their involvement in the community and or their skill.

Damn. Dude you need to calm down. I didn’t see your name in their clan. I didnt even know who was in it until I after I asked TGM to join when I looked at their roster to see who was in it. I thought they were just another clan member and if you read what I said, I said I wanted to join because they had no leader or ranks and seemed to be a fair clan to join.

How are you supposed to accept based on skill of they don’t even recruit or consider looking at you.

From the <@> section of the Ace of Spades forums:

Okay, it's about time someone gave a good official run-through of how you can become a part of this team. Playing skills are only secondary to how we see you as a person. We need a good amount of members who know who you are, and how you act in the community. If a single person in the whole team says no, you have no chance at all. Expressing interest in becoming a part of the team will definitely get you noticed, but we'll just probably keep an eye on you for a couple of months before even coming forward with the possibility to invite you. We'll definitely be discussing you, at least briefly. Talent can speak of experience with this, we first contacted him about three months prior to his official invitation to the team. We're only taking in people, who WE think would fit the group. There are no conflicts between the members that at least I'm aware of (except that most probably hate me) - and we plan on keeping it that way. And since the team is quite high-profile, the members have to be very trustworthy and very well behaved - both in-game and in the community. In the end, if we think you wont fit in, you probably will not get invited. I hope this clears up some things about becoming a part of this little elitist circle-jerk. I'm hoping to get some additional thoughts by the other guys in this, as well.

Also, <@> does invite people still. They only invite people they like and think are trustworthy.
Read more on <@> here:

I read that before, it’s just TGM pm me that there is no way to join. But thanks.

He could have meant for YOU to join…idk why but just putting that out there.

TGM said nobody can join in general. Let’s close this topic, I’ll probably join USAB.

I am not in the clan and I know this. But the clan is a bunch of friends just playing together. They don’t recruit or anything, if you befriend them and they get to know you and you are a helpful to the community, you will get in.

This topic is closed because TGM told me this. You could have said it in a nicer way the first time.

True. I won’t post here anymore.