the big 5 is 5 years old today. i really can’t believe how fast times flies! must be all the fun we’ve had and the memories we’ve made. :slight_smile:

thanks for being a part of this experience. we are what we are because of our combined efforts. here’s to another year and many more!

image credit to Ferrari




I don’t see a 5 hidden in the “I” of killers.

Happy birthday <33

Happy birthday, Aloha!

Proud to say I was involved in almost 4 years in Aloha, albeit on and off…

That’s more than five candles :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy birthday though

herpy birfdey

Happy birthday! 8)

I wish I joined the community a lot earlier than 2015. I started playing around late 2012.

But anyway, really happy to have this community!
Happy birthday,!!

happy you’re-older-now day!
I’m late, aren’t I? :L


Happy birthday, please everyone enjoy some complementary cake. Just show up at the hotel in…Hawaii to claim it. Thanks.

I think I still remember posting the picture of the 4 year old birthday cake. Man does time fly by.

Exactly my thoughts. Happy Birthday Aloha! Last year on aloha was the best time I’ve had. Hopefully we can have a great, long, 5th year! :slight_smile:


Happy birthday, Aloha! :smiley: :smiley:


Happy birthday, aloha!

Even though I’m a newcomer (late 2014), I still wish you the best.

Also, please, do cake giveaway. :slight_smile: