The babel apocalypse has arrived!

[shadow=black,left]Babel apocalypse is now available on the babel server![/shadow]

Step 1- Get 20 kills and one intel capture all in one life to unlock the ability!
Step 2- Call it in with /apoc
Step 3- If you see the apocalypse is coming, stay safe by covering yourself with blocks!
You’ll need to protect yourself from the raining nades.


YOOOOOOOOOO, i love it

Lame. Give me hookshot and depower smg noobs.

Jokes aside, seems good but I rather have squads and airstrike

good idea and glad to see new improvements in servers!!!

I’m with the squad idea too

wooooooooow :o It will be very good, I like it ;D

babel has been our most popular server for 8 years. it works, and the age-old saying, “don’t fix what ain’t broke” screams at me whenever changes are applied to it.

with that said, there’s breathing room for improvements or fresh features that could complement what already works.

this nuke feature is an example of something fresh and exciting that with some adjustments could [more passively :+1:] complement the gameplay that so many players already love.

encouraging the team-based objective of babel by rewarding nuke for capping the intel would be more complementing than rewarding nuke for solo grinding kills. cappers deserve more credit than they get anyway. i’m requesting this necessary adjustment of nuke to strengthen the “heart” of babel… maybe each player must cap the intel X number of times to get nuke? or better yet, a dice roll… for example, 30% chance of nuke reward upon capture.

also, players should have a chance to defend themselves from nuke. this is equally as important as the way nuke is rewarded. maybe if a player is covered under blocks without any openings, he’ll survive the nuke?

and how about instead of calling it nuke, call it something that ties in with the theme of babel? “wrath” or something along those Godlike lines…

i’m happy to see something fresh being attempted, thanks for getting the ball rolling. tweaks please… :pray:

I definitely agree with the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mindset. Personally, though, I’ve seen an increase in the amount of players and in the level of competition on babel since adding the nuke script. It’s definitely no secret that players enjoy fresh, exciting, and new content. In my opinion, the thing that makes babel great is that it has a building objective for people who want to build and a shooting objective for people who want to shoot. Unfortunately, in a normal babel match there’s a far greater amount of players going for kills compared to players building. I have no doubt that the nuke script has worsened this shooter:builder ratio too.

With keeping what I said above in mind, I’ve already made some tweaks to the script (not yet applied to babel) that would hopefully drive players towards capping the intel. I’ve made the nuke unlock when a player gets 30 points in one life. A kill counts for 1 point while capping the intel counts for 10. Based on my experience of trying to get the nuke, I would 100% try to cap the intel to get those 10 points than to try and get an additional 10 kills.

If we find that players who are getting the nuke still aren’t attempting to cap the intel, perhaps we raise the point minimum to 50 and make the intel worth 20 points? We can adjust this system as needed to better fit the overall objective of babel.

The way this new system functions would compliment what’s best about babel- a nuke is achievable for both the builders and the shooters on the server (with an advantage going towards building the staircase and capping the intel).
I’m not ignoring the different systems you suggested above- I just believe that this would be the least confusing and best working system for players.

I can honestly go either way on this one. When I first made this script, in my mind I felt that it would be the most rewarding for the player who calls in the nuke to have everyone on the server die. I’m still kind of leaning towards this way of doing things, but there’s another way for the nuke to go off that I also like.

They way it works now is that as soon as the nuke detonates, everyone on the server instantly dies and grenades rain down and explode across the map.
An alternative to this would be to eliminate having everyone immediately dying, but still have the large amount of grenades rain down from above. Players would have to dig down underground, get to cover, or build their own cover to avoid being killed by the grenades. I feel like this would still get kills for the nuker (and be rewarding), while giving players a chance to survive. Perhaps it would even make the nuke more fun for everyone?

I understand what you’re trying to accomplish, but I feel like calling it “nuke” is more clear and understandable than anything else. I’m not completely against changing it, but I just feel like it would be confusing with a different name.

No problem at all! I want this script to have the best impact on the gameplay on babel as possible, so I appreciate any criticism and suggestions that you, and anyone else, has to offer.

With that being said, if anyone has opinions on this, please post below so we know what the majority thinks is best going forward. Thanks!

I totally agree with izzy. Babel’s principal is team-work to build the stairs and capture intel to win. However, the nuke opposes Babel’s basic underlying principal. In order to get the nuke, the player must have to kill 30 players; that would draw that individual player to try his best to focus on killing and not working with team members to win.

Please do not get me wrong, but I strongly suggest the nuke should be perfect for the Global server or any TDM server. That server’s principal is focusing on getting a certain amount of kills on each side to win.



Seems fun !

I really like the idea and have already seen it in action on babel, although as izzy mentions, there are some potential tweaks that could be implemented to optimize the nuke. Love to see new content come in with the resurging playerbase regardless however.

thanks for making changes to encourage the team-based goal

maybe clarify in the first post that “take cover” means bury oneself with blocks?

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video preview recorded by Hendrikson

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