That awkward moment when...

You get banned on the official AoS forums the night it closes >_<

(just so you guys know this was a one time thing and I ain’t ever spammin like that again)

I also think I just blew my chances of ever becoming a moderator or admin ever on anything AoS related :confused:

Plus everything got so bad the mods deleted 22 PAGES OF SPAM! :open_mouth:


I can’t access anything! And I wasn’t even spamming (or posting for that matter)!

Lol bro.

This actually sucks.

Got a proxy server going. Woot woot.

This be why there is HoboHob2 on forums.

Totally. I though about making a HoboHob3 but then I decided against that.

Tell me if you need any other proxies wink wink… I have over 10 thousand…

Better give me a list :slight_smile:

want me to send you level 1 anonymous proxies? I will have about 100

PM meh