Thanks Aloha!

I would like to thank you for the time that your team invested in the proper management of your server.
I like to play on because there are good players and especially because it is the cleanest server about the hacker.

Thank you again

Rez@, french user

You’re right,but there are many hackers,I found 5 in only 20 minutes(=many hackers for me,normal players found only 1 in 20 minutes)

Effectively, I did not say that there was no hacker, just in aloha we find less than others :wink:

I made some party yesterday on other server and it was unplayable because of them.
Not the discrete hacker, the true hacker uninhibited who spawncamping :-\

Your welcome Rez@!

thanks for your nice words!

It’s nice to see the hard work that gets done for these servers doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks Rez@, I’m glad you enjoy your time here and we will continue to keep the servers as clean as possible. Also if you don’t already know we have an IRC channel which is here:

Feel free to come hang out there and it’s a good place to report hackers and get it dealt with quickly.