Thank you.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you guys for being a great community and getting involved with aloha. Without you, aloha is nothing. We really appreciate it!

Can I reply with a thank you to?

YOUR WELCOME!!! :slight_smile:

Your Welcome PXYC,
Your one of the reasons that Aloha is a good community driven AoS community.
The one thing it does lack on is admins, since all hackers go on, But oh well.

If it weren’t for you guys (admins, mods and guards) I wouldn’t play on aloha.

So thank you, for giving your time for the greater joy of the AoS community.

This feels like a backslapping thread, but thanks for the thanks and thank you guys, the community, as well.

I only discovered Aloha gaming recently, but I can already say thanks to this whole community for being so nice and awsome :wink:

thank you to each of you

you make us, you are the reason we are what we are

for real


I love aloha servers lol; so thank you! I get off to these servers.