Terrible Ace Of Spades theory.

I just noticed something.

What if this is not a game, but a reality?

The players are soldiers-sinners, who are now punished to experience infinite pain and suffer, repeating again and again… Blocky graphics are their blurred flashbacks to the war, they were on. The same repeating maps are their attempts to forget the things they’ve done, all the sins they have made, but they fail… While the map changes, sinners’ souls are suffering, they want to fly away, but they can’t, they will always be there, having the same thing all over again, every year, every month, every day, every hour, minute or second…

Think about it… Or rage at me, because I made this thing that wasted your time (or not) and it’s pretty much pointless (or not).

What about the players? Are we the sinners?

I don’t sin, I’m the most innocuous little child here.

Well, we are playing as demons, controlling some sinner.