Terraria servers?

Hey guys. I recently got terraria and liked it. I think that there should be aloha servers.
Anyone agree?
Also I can get anyone terraria for free np but then you need team veiwer so I can do everything.

We already have Minecraft servers and not as much people as we would like using it, and I’m not sure that many people would play Terraria, however it is an interesting idea.

Oh yeah… That’s true. But it’s simply easy to make terraria server(s). I have a program that lets you do it, later when I get on PC I’ll post a dl

I know that this is a bump and w/e but i just wanna say - Terraria ROCKS! I suggested several times to make Terraria servers, but none seemed interested.

Oh come on… I just uninstalled it. I’m gonna buy aos 1.0 .3.

I’ve been trying (with BR’s help) to set up an Aloha Terraria server. Problem is the software is a native Windows application and we’re using Unix stuff.

I’m quite busy the next few days but maybe I can figure it out.

Oh ok.