Teh fuc happened to [MGC] 24/7 Hallway uk????

Where is MGC hallway? I had technical difficulties and I couldnt play and now I fixed it I noticed 1 or 2 weeks ago MGC hallway was gone. And it seems the site is down too: mgc.co.uk

Halp plz!!! :’(

The server is down because it used false playercount (they counted bots as players) So the administrators have banned it. And I agree that it was one of the best servers not counting aloha of course that hosted Aos recently.

what is the ip?if its still up i could still connect it.

no if they banned it from the serverlist, you can’t get to it. Stay away from hallway. It tends to be hosted by the worst people

Hallway being the worst server is just another stereotype.
This server was hosted by really nice people though. I know Scoper and he was one of the most active admins. He and other admins didn’t host only Hallway, they hosted also Goon assault and Build server.

goon haven has crappy admins.

That’s kinda true, Glass.