Teeworlds server

for anyone who was keeping an eye on Teeworlds, good news; we now have an official vanilla CTF server up and running! so now you have no excuse not to play :wink:

simply search “aloha.pk” in the server list and you should find it.

here’s the original little big list Teeworlds topic

hopefully you like it! if there are any issues or suggestions, just reply to this and we’ll [try to] get it taken care of.

i’ve been meaning to get more into this game, i’ve played it only briefly before but i had fun! now i’ll be even more encouraged to play :slight_smile:

so, this is our first official Teeworlds server… it’s vanilla, meaning no mods. seeing as modding is a big deal in this game, we should probably host some modded servers too. check out this list - what sounds fun to you?

would be really cool to have our own custom game mode or two…

I’m just throwing this out there…

A very popular mod in TW is called FNG (Freeze N Grab). It’s considered by many as the ultimate test of skills. As a result, it’s very competitive. It used to be one of the most popular game mode in NA as well, but kind of fell down lately. I’d love it if Aloha hosted one of these!

What launcher is this from the photo? please send me in email

this is a different game, it’s not ace of spades

It’s still aloha.pk related though.

when i search “teeworlds freeze n grab,” our thread comes up first

is this what you’re referring to? [MOD] OpenFNG (updated and maintained again) (Page 1) — Modifications — Teeworlds Forum

OpenFNG is a red/blue teamgame, where the only weapons usually in use (and given on spawn) are hammer and laser. Other weapons *may* be also provided, but are not required for gameplay. Neither of the weapons will deal any damage. The laser rifle is special in that it will freeze an enemy who is hit by a laser beam, usually for 10 seconds. A frozen tee is unable to move/hook/shoot/hammer and usually has to wait out the 10 seconds, but this can be shortened with a teammate hammering a frozen tee. This will subtract some time from the timespan the teammate is frozen. The hammer is special in that it is slightly more powerful as in vanilla, except for when hammering frozen teammates (to melt them), where it will inflict much less force in order to make it easier to melt teammates (as this usually requires 2-3 hammer hits). Said this about weapons, the main objective of the game is to gain teamscore, and this is mainly done by sacrificing frozen enemies in shrines. There are three kinds of shrines, one which allows sacrification of any frozen tee, and red/blue shrines where only the team of matching color is allowed to sacrifice enemies in. Usually (though adjustable) the scoring will look like this: Sacrificing an enemy: +3 player score / +10 team score Freezing an enemy: +1 player score / +1 team score Melting a teammate: +1 player score / +0 team score (Note that you cannot suicide or switch teams/spectate while being frozen, and forcefully leaving the game while being frozen might lead to an automatic ban for 1 minute or so, to prevent people from exploiting this unfair way to circumvent being sacrificed)