Is it against the rules to teamkill someone if they’re just griefing on purpose?

No. That’s why teamkilling is enabled on some servers. It’s specifically there for the sole purpose of shooting griefers. You have about 2 seconds after they remove a block.

For CYA you should probably start a votekick afterwards.

like ei8htx said it’s specifically there to shoot griefers. however, if you are sometimes accidentally teamkilled by a teammember please do not votekick them immediately saying “TEAMKILLER. WTF BAN NAOW”. i’ve seen tons of votekicks going along the lines of what i just said and nearly 99.9% of them were accidental teamkills. if you’re repeatedly teamkilled by the same person or you see the same person repeatedly teamkilling people then by all means pull a votekick but if you only get teamkilled once give the guy the benefit of the doubt and assume it was just an accident.

Also, people should have the common courtesy of saying sorry if they accidentally teamkill someone.

Wait i’ve been longing to ask this. How about you destroy some useless blocks or someone blocks the entrance

It’s really simple. If you feel like you’re doing the right thing, then you’re ok. If you feel like you’re being an ass, then you’re not.

Can you kill someone with a block??Because once someone did on PinPoint.

It’s actually possible. Idk how exactly to do it but I’ve seen it done. I remember someone on Minit Assault killed me with a block when we were on the Mumble but other than there I haven’t seen it dine anywhere else. Probably someone was holding a block then quickly switched to a spade to kill you.

Some methods.

  1. You die from water damage. The water is considered a block.
  2. An admin did /kill on you. In this case, it says on your display that you have killed yourself with whatever you happen to be holding.
  3. Back when dirt-grenades were around for SMG, a kill by dirt-grenade showed up as a block kill.
  4. There’s a weird graphical glitch where what the server renders a person is holding does not correspond with what he’s actually holding. Despite being rare, I think it’s the most likely in this case. This is why you see people placing block by shooting with their guns or breaking blocks like a spade with their grenades. On their display, everything looks normal, but to everyone else (including server reports of kills and deaths) it’s shifted or glitched.

First of all,I was on land on Pinpoint so it couldn’t have been water damage.Second of all I didnt kill my self.Ok the way how I got “Block killed” Is I was having a spade battle with someone and another person comes up with a block(He wasnt intentionally supposed to kill me)and the guy spades me HOWEVER the person who had the block killed me.Even ask [DELTA]Grey he saw it too.

Is it supposed to be rare…? Because on arena, when getting the last kill 35% of the time it says that…

/kill kills yourself doesn’t it?Not other people.

Guards Mods & Admins can use /kill on other people (Glitching and stuff). Normal people just kill themselves.

Teamkilling is for griefers, as many of you said, and should be only for griefers. People abusing teamkilling are just fags so either:
a) Team kill them (Just for fun)
b) Call an admin at #aloha IRC
c) Switch teams/ ignore them

There is another way to block kill.4 pics on block killing by me :)This is the only way I know how to block kill.
Btw this is on IRPG.