Could someone please explain to me why I can get killed by a teammate for breaking a block? I mean I don’t really know much about this game yet, but it seems kind of messed up that I can get followed around the map by a teammate who just waits for me to break a block and then kills me for doing so (which happens to me often, I might add). I realize Aloha wasn’t the game creator and they might have nothing to do with this, but this is the kind of thing that would make someone play a game for a while and then get annoyed with it, never to play again.

The reason for the team-kill after you break a block is to prevent griefing. (destruction of objects)
A form of griefing is to destroy said objects in an annoying or counter productive way. (Trolling one’s own team by breaking buildings, walls, forts, misc.)

So it sounds like one of two things were happening.

  1. If you were destroying your own team’s structures, trolling or not, the other players will be inclined to kill the threat to their creations and/or structures.
  2. A troll was following you around, (as you have said) and killing you when you would break a block.

In event #1 just watch what you’re breaking and make sure it’s not someones creation that is helpful to your team. (morale and or otherwise I suppose.)
In event #2 your best bet is either to start a votekick saying “team-killer” (type /votekick [player_name] [reason]).
Or you may wish to call an admin onto the scene and tell him what is going on and ask for help. (type /admin [reason]) such as “/admin team-killer aloha_server_Pinpoint ID#32 EvilTeamKillerName”

Other information you might like to know is yes aloha can control the team-kill upon block breaking action. No they will not turn it off. Yes you may leave if this happens to you often enough to annoy you into “never to play again.”

Hope this helps with your dilemma.
Happy Hunting.

If your not greifing and there is a player who is constantly team killing you and /admin. Does not work hop on the irc and get an admin to help out. Try either highlighting an admin as an indiviual (admins are those with a + or @ infront of their name with the latter being full admins). The irc link is on the front page (webchat) or you can go to quakenet and click webchat. The channel is #aloha. Also the teamkilling system to my knowledge is an aloha script in order to prevent greifers (works by the idea of players being able to kill the greifer preventing any serious harm while an admin responsds. That you for the input on the teamkilling (script?) Ill pass it along to a system admin when I get a chance. Or as usaual a system admin will beat me to it.

Alright that makes sense. However, people like that generally don’t just destroy one block (which is all that is required for someone to kill you). The game shouldn’t just assume you are a griefer after you break one block. Some people have to break blocks for legitimate reasons, and the fact that your team could kill you shouldn’t be a reason to avoid breaking a block. Just my thoughts.

Let’s say that this structure is held up by few columns or just few blocks that were holding it together. One of the trolls start shooting at it. Whole thing comes down in just few seconds. That will be the reason to consider someone a griefer if they destroy a single block, so you or your teammates can quickly kill that troll before he causes more damage.

sB. Thinks that killing teammates is funny :’(

that makes little sense tho, there neads to be a compromise, no one should build a structure held up by a free blocks anyway, because the enemy will take it down, all they need to do is decide for a number of blocks that have to be broken before team killing is on, and perhaps account differently for natural blocks and blocks that were placed by a team mate

Seems like you aren’t comprehending what I said. I mean that the enemy can just shoot your structure and your structure luckily stands with few blocks. Your team’s troll comes and starts shooting at one of the few blocks that was holding up the structure. You teamkill that troll and rebuild the structure.

If you are honestly not purposely griefing, start a votekick, use /admin, or use the IRC.