Teamkill glitch in arena

In arena, there is a glitch that allows you to kill people in your spawn with grenades. This was abused heavily by a player called Cream.

There isn’t much to say about the glitch. Its pretty simple, throw nades and watch your team die.

friendly fire is off so how do you kill teammates with nades?

You just throw them at the ground in the spawn and it will damage you and teammates.

the glitch is: they trow nades, they change team, and wen they spawn in the other team the nades takes effect on the other side that count with kills.

i guess we should re-enable delayed team switching

yes its true i witnessed it cause i was one of the ones that got killed as well and not enough people said y to the votekick that took place but cream did say he wouldnt do it again so the votekick may have been cancelled… OH wait maybe its when the server decided to kick us all LOL