Team swapping

While I tend to argue for members of an overwhelming team switching to the weaker team in order to re-balance the game and make it more enjoyable for everyone playing, today in Babel I observed a user “Beige” in Babel switching to the opposite team for a short while before switching back again, repeating this pattern in successive games. I can only guess that what this player was doing was to reconnoiter the opposing team structure in order to look for weaknesses. The same player also displayed a number of other suspicious behaviors, but not enough for me to make well founded allegations in this regard.

However, I do not like this kind of team switching, and would appreciate a discussion of possible pro’s and cons of allowing a switching back only after 10 minutes or similar technical means.

Hmm, “Beige” has been reported to do things like glitch the intel before so I wouldn’t be surprised. If you witness this behavior we do have a discord where our staff is (link on home page) and you can report him there by pinging @staff (1 time) and saying what the infraction is and who is doing it.

-may prevent people from abusing team switching e.g. look at other tower find weakness


-may affect efforts to balance teams

Idk anything else of top of head. brain is mush.

its normal

i think nor fair play (no cheats ofc) give this game more interest opportunity

and we have spectrator anyway

I’ve seen many people do this, haven’t seen much like this recently though.