TDM server idea

So as some of you may know, the Goonhaven servers have shut down due to internal conflict. I was thinking that maybe since some of the Aloha CTF servers aren’t as popular as the others, maybe one of them could be turned into a “Goon Assault” TDM map, basically a flat map that the players build into whatever battlefield they wish. TDM + Aloha = awesome.

What do yall think?

Well I don’t disagree with a new type of gameplay, I feel that we should have at least 1 type of each game play available for variety. However, I do disagree with removing hallway considering it’s popularity. If you get rid of hallway, you might as well get rid of pinpoint. That’s just not smart. We now have 12 servers as it is, so the question is which one. Well, the new dedust2 24/7 obviously runs 24/7 and runs in rotation on last team standing as well. To me, the 24/7 would seem to get boring after awhile, but then again look at hallway and pinpoint. People simply love it. So, the options are to make another server and run it or consider taking down ddust2, or classic gen. Its really all debatable and no one really knows for sure how it will play out until we try it. But mark my words, if you get rid of a popular server, someone else will pick it up and start running it and therefore you lose your clientel. Case in point - The Goonhavens. As soon as they shut down, everyone jumped in and made their own little goonhavens and now here we are debating the same thing. Like i said, its a good idea but substituting one for the other is just not smart. Before any decision is made you relly need to find out the statisics of each server and the popularity and then the one with the least amount of gameplay would be the obvious choice.

That’s why I put the two least popular servers in the poll. Hallway and ClassicGen are no where near as popular as Last team, pinpoint, babel, infiltration, zombies, or tog o war.

Well as i pull up Spadille right now and peer at it.
pinpoint 31
capture the flag 8
classic gen 23
ffa 32
zombies 24
infiltration 25
irpg 19
lts 31
dedust2 24/7 28
hallway 30
babel 32
*the number denotes the players ingame and of course is constanly changing.

hallway is one of the most popular servers. classicgen is probably the least popular.

the 24/7 de_dust2 server is a test. if it becomes popular enough i’d like to keep it going. it’s a very popular Counter-Strike map, many 24/7 servers for it. seems like a good map for arena. we’ll see.

we could always add another server but we should try to replace one instead if possible.

Well, we could have this, but really, ‘Minit US- Assault’ already fulfills this role, once it gets higher up on the list, it’s going to always be full. I really just don’t see enough demand for another goon assault server, one is enough. However, the classic gen server is getting hardly any activity, so changing it to something else would be an idea.

I didnt even realize there was a de_dust server until it was mentioned. Stupid me. I think if we can make classic actually a CLASSIC 0.30 or something, that will be great.

About GH closing there servers, I must tell you Izzy that we need to seriously review who the site admins are (ahem StackOverflow), since your the ONLY site admin that does not have there “collective heads up there asses” and listens to all opinions. I thank you Izzy for doing this.

Izzy, at least put one layer of blocks under the floor? i was walking then i glithed through! how annyoing is that?

Because PXYC totally doesn’t exist.

Otter, Hallway is one of Aloha’s most popular servers.It almost always is full or near full. Its my favorite server and thats why i play on aloha. Taking it away would be the worst move ever. Aloha would lose a lot of its people. I reccomend classicgen and dedust 2. Usually theres nobody on classicgen and very few people on dedust 2. Removing Hallway would make me not play Aloha and switch to other servers.
EDIT: I think it would be a great idea to bring the Goon Assault map to an Aloha server, it will bring a lot more people to Aloha but it’s not worth it if you remove hallway. Remove Classicgen instead.

I’m talking about the AoS site admins, the reason why GH closed? You even replied to that thread. Last time I checked PXYC wasn’t in the staff.

Ok. Otter, do you REALLY think Hallway is unpopular? Its more popular then some of them you listed. You probably think it’s unpopular because you don’t like hallway. Think of common sense. Hallway is my favorite map, and I would be VERY dissipointed if it was removed :’( I know hallway is beating classic gen by a long shot, but still. I kind of agree with BuketheaD with removing ddust2 more than classic gen. So vote for classic gen to get removed!!! That would be very pleasant 8) NUKE READY VOTE CLASSIC GEN TO GET REMOVED TO USE!! xD

I forgot to say, having the Goonassult map would make aloha servers a lot more popular. We could possibly beat Minit US Assult to a pulp!

I don’t get why everyone’s so overhyped about us being more popular, more played, etc.
Correct me if I’m wrong izzy, but we have lots of players, our servers are pretty much stuffed, and we offer some maps that others don’t.

Why make a goon-assault map if Minit’s going to host one?
That’s just competitive, and not very beneficial; players who want to play goon assault would just split themselves up over the maps.
As server providers, we want to maximize the number of players of AoS: we’re looking to get more players on, not to redistribute the same players.
We’re working together WITH other server providers to create an overall best and varied selection from which gamers can pick.

So what if Minit’s doing goon-assault? That’s cool.
Aloha’s the only one providing 24/7 HvZ, 24/7 hallway, 24/7 pinpoint, 24/7 babel, 24/7 classicgen…you get the idea.
We’re covering the things that others miss, so that not only do we not conflict with other people, but we also ensure that players who don’t like those maps gets funneled to our maps instead.


  1. Stop thinking that servers are fighting each other for popularity. We’re all in this together, providing the most choices for the most players.
  2. By choosing maps that other servers aren’t doing, the players that want to play these maps would come to us, thereby increasing our popularity anyways.

EDITS: Grammar/spelling.

I agree with this,Aloha does not need to prove anything,we can just be enjoyed for who ever clicks on us.

Even though a lot of other servers have different modes now, we are still very diversified. But yeah, we shouldn’t be worrying about best servers, but more about providing best satisfaction to all players, at least the way I see it.