Taking leadership in battle

Hello, it is I, the KING of Babel. I’ve come here to inform you that I’ve proudly decided to take the role as leader whilst on the battlefield. As you have seen, there isn’t that leader there to help push our teams to victory. That will no longer be! Expect big changes to the future of babel! We will truly make Babel great again!

Best regards,
The King of Babel


That moment when they use triangles in ms paint to edit it.

i love you

1.Im not gay. 2.stop it with the loving ahegaos

Now we only need the President of CS maps, the Queen of Hallway and the Duke of Blockpower and we are good to go.



make cs maps great again

“And I say: we need to build a wall to keep those damn campers out!”

What about the Prime Minister of Faceoff,The President of Pinpoint,King of CTF,and Prime Minister of Fourteams?

I went to the “each server has a different ruler” thing, but those sound cool too. Can’t forget them.

I will take on the role as the King of Cs Maps.

I will take on the role as President of Build.

I will be the peasant of pinpoint