I watched someone use it as a reason for a votekick.


best votekick reason i’ve seen is for not dancing like a lemon

Reason: “not fresh enough to suck my nuts”


I think I’ve seen a few votekicks like that xD
Swag must be banned.

The only reason I am a guard is so I don’t get votekicked for swag.

Worst votekick I’ve seen was “Not sexy enough”

The worst votekick I have seen.

“For not griefing”

Reason: Domestic Abuse
[SPQR]Carnage is votekicking KomradeWyvern. Type /y to vote (6 left)

This one is 50/50: “hacking and giving his mother nuclear blowjobs”

Lol. I don’t get why they have to include the stuff other than hacking in that reason.

Just saw a new votekick

“Having 28 Domesticated otters found in his battlevest”

XD Reki… That rap is the best ever. I’m always listening to that :stuck_out_tongue:


uh…ok then… :o

Nah…I normally only play that when I really don’t like someone and I want to show it in some form :slight_smile:

Voted no because I have $//@6

New funny reason…


SWAG and YOLO should result in a system-triggered insta ban.

What about the reason above?