[suspected aimbot] MaZDaU

This player named MaZDaU was hacking shortly after i joined the server
Sever arena cs maps
Dont know the time

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Also, personal comment, I haven’t seen MazDaU hacking. Seeing the low number of kills, I suspect the accuracy script was being dumb.

I agree with Reki. It’s obviously just a bug with the script. I joined once on top 10. Got 6 kills. All headshots, and I only fired those six bullets. I had a 387% accuracy. Yep; I got votekicked.

I’ve also played with MaZDaU before, and his behaviour isn’t suspicious. He gets a lucky kill every now and then, but everyone does, eh? :wink:

MaZDaU is cool.

Yea, I’ve watched MaZDaU before and he’s legit. That’s probably just the accuracy bug which mostly happens on arena.

MaZDaU Is MLG Pro Just like me :slight_smile:

I used to think he hacked as well when he was destroying my stats on the 0.75 leaderboard. After much spectating, I can confirm that he’s just really good. His accuracy is probably that high because getting two one-shot kills isn’t that unlikely.