“time moves only when you move”

visit that site [and install the Unity Web Player if you don’t have it already] to play. very fun!


Great find Izzy, to bad my laptop is to laggy for me to fully enjoy this awesome game…

Played it. Enjoyed it. Pretty entertaining game and the idea with the bullet time or time stop is brilliant.

It’s the matrix. :open_mouth:

Great game! :smiley:

lol i played this game so many time before its SWEQ 8)

Cool game, played it a lot. It’s a new and interesting concept.

I dont like the last part some random guy tells u to jump off the building :stuck_out_tongue:

It is your master telling you that. :o
I hope to see the full version soon.

Enjoyed that game,did try to make a speedrun made it in 5:48.