Suggestions for Voting

I was playing in the Top 10 Maps Arena and we had just left a rivetting game from avsmall. So, to my teammates’ horror and disgust, we found out that we were in facingworldsarena. To those of you that don’t know, facingworldsarena is a heavy sniping map, fit for riflers and crackshot SMG’ers. Its game style doesn’t sit well with arena-goers who are used to chaotic, close range violence. I personally enjoy a good sniping challenge, however, I prefer prisonbreak.


My point: Arena players should get a command which lets people choose to skip their current map, and moves them to the next available one. It would be called /voteskip. Now, I’m sure there will always be a few bad apples who /voteskip every map they come across because, “I GOT SHOT IN ONEEEEEEE. THIS MAP SUUUUCKS.” Which is why I also suggest their be a “/no” option to counter the “/yes.” I figure about 75% of yes votes would be required to skip a map, and a /vote no cancels a /yes.

Second suggestion: Very often, people type /yes or /y whenever someone spams the suggestion in chat, mostly because they feel sympathetic towards the votekicker and understand what it’s like to be faced with an aimbotter, or perhaps someone who abuses glitches. However, their lamentation is expressed when they see that “A votekick for so and so has been started, etc etc etc.” and they know so-and-so personally, knowing they don’t hack and the votekicker is either mistaken or abusing the system.

My point: A voter should have a /cancel option not just when he cancels his own instigation, but when he /cancels his own vote. That way, if you change your mind about someone, you can remove your vote for them being kicked.

Finally, I find myself often seeing a good, trusted friend being votekicked by some angry nincompoop who feels wronged and thinks aimbot is afoot, without even checking the /accuracy or /ratio to see if his accusations are justified. The best I can do is tell him how much of a hacker my friend isn’t and try and get him to /cancel his votekick.

My Point: The /no suggestion I said in the first point of this post should also be applied to regular votekicks. Sometimes, if you really don’t want a person kicked, you should be able to defend them from it.

Thank you for reading all that. If you feel like tl;dr’ing or are a developer who doesn’t want to read all my stories, just skip to the My Point:'s for a description of what I’m suggesting.

There is an option on the PySpades server configuration to vote for a map. They call it Votemap. Most servers keep it off and just use the rotation.

I prefer the rotation anyhow, it lets all the players play maps they like. Also facingworlds is awesome ;_;

I’d love it if there would be an occasional “type /y if you want to stay on the server” auto vote… because no one pays attention to them anyway. Then they could get a ‘you were kicked because you don’t understand the rules’ message and a redirect to a rules page.

I think the votes required for kicks should be cut in half until it becomes a problem in itself. I’m really tired of having to leave servers because no one is kicking anyone.

My thoughts exactly! But it’s not exactly a problem anymore :-[

Coming from Mr. Hypocrite himself.

The one who says in his sig, “Let’s stop griefers, aimbotters, and hackers :)” Should probably take the aimbotter and hacker part out of his siggy.

He aimbots.