Suggestions for TDM Island Maps

  1. Day/Night cycle would be cool since the matches are so long…

  2. Change the colors of uniforms and team names maybe? :smiley:

  3. More admins on it… everytime I play theres a hacker who never gets votekicked cus only one team votes…


i’d like day/night cycle as well but i’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t.

what color should the uniforms and names be?

airstrikes on those tiny maps? are you crazy?!

  1. Okay.
  2. Not seeing the benefits of doing so.
  3. @_@
  4. Lolno.

Reki, fix for #3 is simple. Speed up application process, or better yet, go to a player and ask if they want to be an admin, say a guy yall have seen, and is the text book player.
(thats kinda what Jagex does on Runescape)
and why no airstrike? make it like a 50 kill streak.

That just makes gives hacking even more incentives.

The admin problem is present on every server. Deal with it, or not, and call us with /admin.

I was thinking with the uniforms have one be a sand color so on about half the maps they have a camo advantage and have the color be grass green so on the other half of the maps they have a camo advantage.

Yes I am crazy C: Though, you can always edit the airstrike script and have it be less powerful

percentage wise, I have had admins react to /admin 1/30 times. Thats not very good statistics.

Agreed. /admin is useless…