[Suggestion] /pm Color

I think nobody will disagree, the fact that /pm are the same color as Connected, Disconnected, Has the intel, Dropped the intel, Captured the intel etc… notifications is pretty annoying. Would you please, given that we are using blue and red teams, turn it to something more visible like maybe Green ? I remember green teamchat was extremely visible

thanks for your tiem

I think the reason nothing was ever done about this issue was because of a correlation between the chat color and the team color. This has been discussed and nothing happened. Good idea but good luck man.

yeah there should be definitely added color for pms, i always miss them

well, given that one team color is red, another shade of red for /pm is even more disappointing

Please admins if you see this, turn /pm color to green, everybody would be thankful

It would be nice to see the /admin chat as well. I can’t see shit with the server spamming everything in the same color text.

lol yes I guess too, although I’m not an admin I pretty well imagine that the /admin message should be hard to see lol

Edit: So please admins, can you change both /pm and /admin color to green ? the one that is used for gReen team per favore

Unortunately those message colors are pretty limited by the client, it can only be white, the team color, or red.

uh I did not knew that … thanks anyway