[SUGGESTION] omgnospadingtroughwallsanymore.py - By Morph

It’d be a great script for arena,people get annoyed by wallspaders and often leave then.

I agree it would be useful for the arena maps that have this issue (Sometimes unbearably annoying). However I’ve always thought of the wall spade as one of the unique quarks that gives the game a little something special. Most of the time it’s not a big game changer as-well, because most of the maps are now tuned for the wall spade. If someone had brought this script up in earlier times when wall spading was a real issue I’m sure Aloha would have added it, but now it’s much less likely.

All the same good find Kiwi, tis a very useful script.

Just saying it would possibly make it harder to find extended gun mod. It would be better to get a script that fixes most of the glitches on cs

I’ve always used this trick kill griefers in babel, never really thought of using it in CS.

I know what I’ll be doing later…

Its pretty cool to have this script, but tbh, I have never had problems with wallspading at arena. Mostly, it was a good way to kill canper or check their spots. Idk if this is only my opinion bit I think we wouldnt need it.

if there was no wallspading then it would be extremely hard to kill campers in csmaps(especially de_dust2)

To be honest I like wallspading, IT is easier to kill campers and is still fun to kill but is still your fault if you are killed by wallspade ( Stay away from walls, Problem solved

Wall spade should have been on the list of favorite ways to kill in the game. I would have considered it over suicide by grenade(aka Creeper).

Half my Wall spade kills were by tying to dig towards another player I knew was close by and the spade got him thru the wall before exposing him anyway. Yes its not a realistic way to kill but its part of the game mechanic and I am not in a hurry to see it removed.

When I spade a player,
I don’t spade him through walls.
Thats just lame

You guys need to add this… like badly. This will help from rage inducing on my end and for other people. It will also help votekicks for wallspading.

See that’s the thing though, it’s not against the rules. Every player begins the game with the ability to wallspade, whether they choose to do it or not, is their choice.
I personally believe it to be a flavorful tactic to get rid of campers in windows behind 1 block thick walls.

Honestly we don’t have many problems with it.

spading through walls isn’t an intentional mechanic. this script would actually promote the intended gameplay design of arena.

There are some tight maps in arena where you can not only wallspade, but stairspade. That’s the worst, since there’s almost literally no way to avoid it.

I’d like to see this implemented.

i just tested the script. unfortunately, it doesn’t prevent spade damage through walls.


well hi me and morph tested it after he fixed it and it seems to work now.(I even recorded it :O)

Video: http://youtu.be/9X0QIwWdjS0 (up in 8 minutes)
Download link of the script: http://goo.gl/0cgeqr (dropbox link if you don’t trust the shortened: Dropbox - Error )


R.I.P. wall-spade, you were one of the great things about this game.
Mourning Trumpets

it still doesn’t work properly. now it prevents spading through walls, yes, but it also disables bullet and nade damage everywhere.

Yes, this should be added.