[Suggestion] New Server

My suggestion is that aloha could add a new server for training, a bot server that could interact or not with the player, not counting stats in the forum too (would be wanting more), but a simple server with maps and bots so that Users can train their accuracy and their sights.

Yeah I really want this. I’ve been using the *Sauerkraut - Shoot 'Em Up server but it has its lag problems because its a German server.

i agree

Yeah, that would be cool.

i used to have a local server that was exactly what you’re suggesting, but i think i lost it when i reinstalled windows recently. i’m doing some cleaning tomorrow and if an old drive shows up which i think has the right scripts on it i’ll be happy to set this up - otherwise i’d still like to do it but it could take a while

I am against this because this might be used for farming kills in the AoS Stats but is there any chance to remove the script that is used for server stats logins?

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Lol it was implied this wouldn’t go towards your stats.

If you read the full topic, there is a part in which I say that you do not have to count kills in stats

unfortunately i haven’t even been able to find the drive, let alone the scripts… i’ll try to get this done soon but i’m not able to test locally so it’ll be a bit of a pain and probably take a while, sorry :frowning: