[suggestion, if possible] Changing Server Notification Text Color

I’m not sure if a lot of players truly care or not… But when we’re playing Last Team Standing on Blue team, all the notifications for how many players are alive on each team, and votekicks, etc. are all in blue text.

What happens, is when we type to blue team, nobody sees it because they disregard blue text as server notices, I do this myself even… It’s hard to just notice your team is trying to tell you something important.

And, sorry if this seems like spam or whatever; or just a bad suggestion. However, is it possible to turn the notifications to a color like yellow?

Similar situation with red text on pinpoint.
Especially bad for me due to my deuteranopia.

Deutera- wut?

i’m pretty sure this request is impossible (sorry :’( ) without changing the colour of a certain team. pyspades will automatically change server colours to the colour of whichever team is the “blue” team. to make this a bit easier to understand, pyspades recognizes the two teams as if they were “Team 1” and “Team 2”. by default, “Team 1” is blue and “Team 2” is green. if you were to change “Team 1” to a colour such as yellow which you suggested, server messages would be yellow but “Team 1” would be yellow as well. unless you don’t mind that a specific team’s colour is changed it would work but if you want the colours to stay the same as Blue and Green you won’t be able to get yellow server messages.

@HoboHob deuteranopia is red-green colourblindness so Reki cannot tell the difference between red and green text on pinpoint.

I understood, but thank you for further explanation :slight_smile:

That is peculiar as to why it would do that; that’s unfortunate that we can’t do anything to change that.

Darn…but wait, that doesn’t explain the red server text.

There’s varying degrees of deuteranopia, and it’s mostly based on the size of objects, the lighting provided, as well as how close the green/red things are to “confusion lines” (colors that people with colorblindness have trouble placing in one color or another). It also affects other colors, such as blue and violet for me.

You could try Changing to Purple, thats close to the blue spectrum still, and possibly easier to read.

Well, it’ll match whatever color the teams are apparently. So even if we decide on weird colors like Minit, that doesn’t really change anything.

ahh, ok

yeah but light blue might be better than dark blue… really all depends of the background colors of the map at that particular time. you will never completely get away from this issue