Suggestion for TUG OF WAR

Please get a faster map rotation and squads on the tug of war server.


The map rotates based on a long timeframe and certain round completions. I can spend hours on TOW, therefore I dont exactly see a problem with the map rotating. Maybe izzy can make it a few rounds fewer.

As for squads, I dont think izzy nor any other hardcore TOW player wants squads. It just gives the teams an advantage and makes the gamemode easier, which is kinda lame.

This is just my opinion. I’d pm izzy about this if he doesnt see the thread.

as much as i’d like squads to be implemented on at least a few servers i don’t quite think this is such a good idea for a server like TOW. in TOW, spawning is more concentrated as teams tend to spawn at the frontmost tent making it quite easy for a skilled player to spawntrap most of the opposing team. the basic gist of TOW causes much of the players to concentrate themself in a central area wheras in a game like Babel players are much more spread out and spawntrapping is not as easy. back when i used to play TOW on a regular basis i remember nearly spawntrapping the entire blue team for about the entire length of the match before my team would win. i used to think of TOW as the spawn-trap gamemode where i could hoard kills for nearly entire matches. if squads were implemented i could forsee that this spawn-trapping will increase greatly and many players will get P.O’ed.

Squads seems like a good idea, but it’s really not. I can’t quiet explain why, mostly because a lot of the time you get stuck with some crap guy, or some AFK person. Or you get stuck with someone in a tunnel, and get stuck in the blocks.

As for the rotation, yeah I don’t know. It seems fine for now. But I don’t know lol

If it was a vote, I’d say YES to squads. Because lets say you and 2 friends are skyping and as you continue to attack a position, one gets through and gets a nice snipeing spot. But the other two cant get there. That tends to take the fun out of it, and also Clan members have the opurtunity to stick closer together.

I’ve never been a fan of squads, and I never will.

tow already spawns you close to the action, it’s kind of like one giant squad…

map change triggers have been decreased from 7 hours or 7 wins to 6 hours or 3 wins