[Suggestion] COD Blitz implemented in aos?

The mode is very simple and can be implement in aos pretty good. The tent base can be the capture point. It can also work with csmp server maps and any other arena maps. This could get a new type of player style in aos. Bring new people into the world of aos. [Fast Phase]


This would be a really cool gamemode in my opinion!

nice idea boomshot i like it :slight_smile:

Anyone experienced at making AoS gamemodes and wanting to work on this? I am not personally experianced, but I would totally like to see this move forward

The drawback would be that people can dig through the ground and get into the tent, like infiltration, but more quicker.

Anyways, I like the idea.

If it was a arena type gamemode where building was toggled. Then that wouldn’t be a problem and I am sure someone can do this fairly easy. It is basically like TOW

You are correct.