[SUGGESTION] Ban appeals

Can you make them like the guard applications where only staff/appealers can respond to them? Just curious, because ranting people have proven to be an issue in certain topics. This is all I’ve noticed.

That’s a good idea Monsta. If someone has evidence to help the topic, then they could PM the banning admin the information they want to tell. If the info is useful, the banning admin could take a screenshot of the PM, and post it on the appeal. It would certainly help make some ban appeals shorter, and to the point. I think it would be something to consider.

As far as I know it was Izzy’s idea to keep ban appeals open to everyone, I neither agree or disagree with restricting posting permissions as both have ups and downs, people should know not to nose around in appeals that neither concern them or involve them. Vouching for people is really annoying because a lot of admins don’t care if the appealer was a rich guy, poor guy, mouse, rabbit, and because it doesn’t help at all. this isn’t the first time this issue has happened /been debated about. General steps can be taken to lock someone out of an appeal they have no right to be nosing about in it. That pretty much sums up everything.

Transparency is good. Our system is on display for everyone to see.

That said, how do you guys know it’s a problem if you’re not going through appeals?

I look on silently

Always watching.

They are always fun to laugh at.

Responses are ok from non-staff members/appealers, just make sure it’s a relevant and mature post. No need to restrict them.

Hold on…what about approving posts that are made in the ban appeals section? Like, being able to scope out and stop shit before it occurs.

what i have been pushing is for, is for the Big Kahunas to actually put this into practice. http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=1100.0

i convinced one of them that action needed to be taken, and in the future i will be pushing for them to delete unnecessary posts.

i believe that the issue of annoying posts will widdle down in time and eventually be an anomaly.

As i see it this post was ment to bring up the issue, which it has, and that the aloha staff are aware of the issue and will take appropriate actions.

Well approved posts would be good because the admins would be able to stop snarky comments and other shit before it happens.

I agree

My question, why change a fully functioning system to fix a tiny issue? I see no reason to, even then if the oddball decides to post something here or there that isn’t revelent its as simple (for the banning admin) to beep a forum admin and get them to remove it.


Although, if administrators are thinking about this, it may help to redirect a non-staff poster to this and somewhere that says “I understand” and/or “Continue” with a “Cancel”. Not saying staff members don’t nose in when they aren’t suppose to either.