Suggestion and Discussion Regarding Zombie Team Balance

Every time that I join the zombies server, the human team always has sixteen players or more and zombie team is half the size.
If I remember correctly, there used to be a script, one that is very similar to the infiltration team balance script, on the zombie server that kept the human team smaller than the zombie team because of the fact that zombies need greater numbers in order to surround and catch humans. Without this script, a game of zombies usually consists of zombies getting brutally slaughtered by anyone smart enough to grab smg and back up. Zombies spend a majority of they time spamming to switch team so that they can be the slaughterers instead of the slaughtered.
I suggest that this script be reinstated into the zombie server so that it returns to being fun instead of an uphill battle for zombies and a mindless spray fest for humans.

There are some good suggestions on this thread to either create a new server or slightly balance the server we have right now.

I approve Wyvern’s suggestion

That’s good and all, but that thread has been dead for well over a month and, as SnIpEr said himself, got derailed quickly.
What we need is something that will just make it fun to play zombies again. Even though most want to play human, having humans equal or surmount the number of zombies makes it nigh impossible to kill anything.

we must make the zombies faster and the humans slower…
otherwise humans can still run out the zombies and shoot them to dead with there noobie smg…

@crazymonky As far as I know, that is impossible.
Would just be easier for zombies to outnumber humans.

Nerf gun damage.

That would do nothing considering that zombies still move the same speed. It would rely heavy on a human messing up. And team would still be waaaaay imba

Let’s just put infiltration script in this.

it’d be nice to fix everything else wrong with the script while we’re at it

Some of the most fun times I’ve had on Zombies is when there were 10+ humans and maybe 3 zombies. If you know how to play it, you’ll do well even if you are alone. Probably the best tip I have is pretend you don’t have so much health. Stay under cover and behind things as much as possible, use your super-jump to get on top of things out of sight, try to stay behind people, dig little holes (right-click) to hide in (remember, you can super-jump through stuff to surprise people), etc.

That being said, I can try to work something out. How should we pick who to switch over? How should we handle AFKs?

I’ve actually experienced the opposite…
[s]It ends up as zombies spawn camping the human side with squads, and way too few people actually know how to walk backwards while smging the zombies…

Also, make the shotty/rifle actually worth anything in zombies. It takes well over 10 shots with shotty, and 10 headshots with a rifle.

Seems like the damage values have changed. Zombies die a lot easier now.

yea, i always spawncamp as an zombie.

@BR Making it work how infiltration works should be good enough. Just the team balance set to something like 1:2 and those lucky enough to get on blue and the ones who get on blue. Afks should be handled in the same way as always.

The problem in my opinion is that difficulty of zombie games is very subjective and variable depending on what you expect.

Take for example Killing Floor. On Beginner, beating the zombies is a joke, but on Hard and above, good fukken luck. As there is no difficulty setting in AoS, it becomes really hard to balance such a game mode.

Here is a problem that needs to be addressed, although I haven’t any idea how to fix it yet.

Several times I have seen the Human’s intel WAY out in the water, due to some zombie getting the intel, glitching, walking out there, then dying, making it impossible for another zombie to get the intel. I am not aware of anyway for a player to retrieve the intel, apart from building a long path out there, which will always be griefed before it can reach it.


You know how in push the intel gets reset if it falls into the water?
Maybe we should have that.

Well say that you accidentally wade into the water near your base with intel with 20hp for a single block… Then the intel gets reset all the way at enemy base? I am for ilifiltration teams and gunnerf though

Good point.

We can define some region where wading for the intel is acceptable.
Or, we can simply move the intel to the closest point on the shore (might be abusable).

I think the simplest and best solution is to have it reset if it falls in water. In marginal cases like the one suggested by Apocalyptic, I don’t think this is worth the extra time to figure what regions are acceptable.

This of course, is my speculation into programming and I have no idea how difficult it actually is to make Reki’s suggestion work. It seems to me that if a reasonable solution exists, like in the push script, just copy it over and get into action ASAP.