Suggestion: ammo refills

In certain gamemodes like Babel I find it quite annoying to be forced to return to tent whenever I’m causing trouble in the enemy team’s area and I run out of ammo, and in push you sometimes don’t even have a way to reach your tent so you have to suicide. This is why I’d like some aloha servers to use scripts to refill ammo whenever you reach a decent killstreak.

This is by hompy. I guess it could be edited so it only refills ammo instead of blocks and health as well, unless you have no problem with that.

I hope someone agrees with what I say and supports this small suggestion.

I think that, That is a great idea! I also find it quite annoying when I’m playing Babel maps and you lose all your ammo. But I think it most annoying in my view at hallway, I am a type of guy that rushes or makes his way around the map. At hallway I like to go forward down the middle as well as having a few turns down the side. If you get behind the enemy base in the water or even on the side of the enemy base I find it very easy to maintain a good ratio as well as a good kill streak, But sometimes I run out of ammo and that is when I either have to try spade kill them or run back from one side of the hallway to the other and that sometimes can either result in death or a long run back to the enemy base.

I think maybe every 15 kills there should be a reload of Ammo, It doesn’t need to be a full ammo pack (Rifle:60 Bullets, Smg:150 Bullets or Shotgun 48) It can be 30 for Rifle, 75 for smg and 24 for shotgun.

If Aloha go forward in this idea and put this idea into a few servers I think it will make a the server a bit more fun for players, But bad for people getting spawnkilled

I do have to say it sounds tempting BUT.
If someone is spawn camping the other team, the other team probably has a low chance of fighting back.
e.g. Someone spawn camps green team, green team is going to be constantly killed over and over.
As it is now though, the other team has a fighting chance when this ‘someone’ runs out of ammo.

People dying have feelings too!

Good idea, but it will be hard to implement w/o creating disadvantages to others.

i would just like to say, if you don’t like the game don’t play it

:smiley: that’s my opinion

i use this opinion in everything so don’t feel like i am putting you down or anything

I actually tried making a script to refill ammo recently. It needs some bug fixes.

PABH, I totally understand you. I have the same problems at pinpoint too.

Tbh, I dont want this Script because of:

… camping. This script would be perfect for campers who make everybody rage. They could stay at their spot for a long time. If they aim the whole time at the enemies spawn, they can kill afks the whole time and get after a few kills ammo back.

… kill streaks. In short, they are not sth special. You can get a 15-20 streak with 60 shots, but the difficult thing is running back to refill and coming back. Meanwhile, the enemies push foward and you have to handle this again.

… spawnraping. The enemies need a chance to fight back, if you rape them the whole time at their spawn, they have nearly no chance. Of course, running out of ammo is annoying if you are on a streak, but tbh, its part of the game. E.g. I hate the fact that smg makes 75 dmg at long range. Mostly the enemies just spray around and hit you and you lost very much hp. Or the shotty too. But this is Ace of Spades, a game with simple structures, and this ammothing is one of it.

Its only my opinion, not the end of the discussion. But I think this script has got only advantages for good players and makes it harder to fight back for “not so good players”.

I understand what you all said and I agree with it.
I must admit I first thought about this in a Push game, and I didn’t take too much time to think what would happen in other gamemodes.
Still, I believe this would be good for the Push server. I wouldn’t be able to tell how many times I have to suicide each round when I’m playing offensive, so please take this into account.

No idea if this was directed at me, but yeah, I agree. I do like the game and that’s why I’m here.
I think it’s good to make suggestions about stuff you find could be improved, then see if people agree and you’re contributing positively.

It would be a good idea but,what about if a hacker has the SMG and is only spawncamping?
If he would be in a 15 kill streak he will always become refill etc.
And then the whole green/blue team would just ragequit because he is just hacking and spawnkilling.

Absolutely no idea why we would take hackers into account at the time of making decisions like this.
We might as well remove killing and building from the game then, just in case someone cheats.

Could work really well in a lot of servers, better when you are spawn camping but it gets some disavantages to the other teams.

Tocksman made a santa script a long time ago (a_girl fixed it a long time ago as well iirc) where it would drop random goodies around the map periodically and people could grab them. i think that’s a little better so you actually have to scout out the ammokits instead of just going on giant spawn raping streaks.

Wow Craft may I see that script…maybe play with it a bit?

Another idea, if possible, would limit the number of ammo refills. for instance, each player would get one or two ammo refills that would reset after a certain time limit or after they are killed. Also these ammo refills should only be available near enemy tent (if spawn killing is allowed).

Yes, only Minit Testdrive uses this around Christmas, but I don’t think it will be good for babel.

Some more ideas:

  • Enemy base refill; should work like this one AoS_scripts/ at master · nikitatrophimov/AoS_scripts · GitHub
  • Pick up ammo from dead players by crouching on their bodies; similar to the bag4file / afterlife script
  • Call for ammo supply by typing a certain command after you completely run out of ammo. There would be a delay of like 20 seconds until you get your ammo so you won’t be able to just keep
    spraying with an smg e.g. to destroy the enemies babel tower.
  • Supply and demand (maybe too complex for most players, but I still like the idea as it involves more interaction with your team): Use a command like" /demand" to ask your teammates for more
    ammo. Afterwards there would be a message in teamchat similar to the votekick message, which would imform your team about your demands and tell them to do “/supply” in order to give you
    some of their ammo. An example: As a builder on babel, you rarely need your gun at all, but as an attacker/towergriefer you will constantly run out of ammo. Working as a team and sending
    ammo supplies could help the attackers to be able to destroy the enemies tower a lot faster.

At Lostmotels…

1st idea: Yeah, I thouhgt many times on this too. It would be something special to reach their Base and campers would not have advantages.
2nd idea: Could be good, but this reminds me on a perk from other ego shooters like Black Ops (dont know exact name). And I like AoS because it is that simple.
3rd idea: Hmm, if I knew that I have to stay alive for 20 seconds for ammo, I would go back to our base. If an enemy attacked you when you have no ammo and wait for it, you would be dead. If you were sneaky enough it could work, but I dont like the fact you get for “hiding” ammo.
4th idea: It sounds pretty nice! But as you said, noobs wont get this the first time. This could be pretty cool for this Team Babel event/games. Anyway, you should define better how many ammo you can get etc. There is abuse danger, but this danger is everywhere I think.

Nice Ideas, hope to see them in Action.

Personally i like the idea of people givin others ammo but that has potential for abuse. I have come up with a comprimise in order to give to a player e.g bob is giving and tim is reciving bob HAS TO BE ATLEAST in a 5 block adius away from tim (be within 5 blocks of tim) <if you can hold more than the degault amount of ammo you can donate say 1 more clip rifle 2 smg 3 shotty what i am saying is that the other player can only have so and so over the normal limit life the max amount of clips for rifle is lets say 9 you can only be donated an ““extra”” clip> And both players must remain in lets say 5 blocks,but BOTH can not shoot or do dmg to anything players, blocks etc (can be done by essentailly having a fake ““bot”” admin do the turn off killing and block damage.) for 5 second or 10 seconds (personally i would say somewhere inbetween) plus tim has to accept the transfer max of 1 clip can be transfered at a time and an inf amount of clips can be given (saying you have the ammo) up to the so and so extra number. But once a so and so number of clips has been transfered in a given period say 5 or so mins you can’ give anymore for 5-8 or so mins. Plus you can only be handed a set number of spares a life 15 or so spare clips.

It’s a bit too complicated IMO. I know as well as you guys how frustrating it is to be snowballing hard only to get screwed by running out of ammo, but that basically means you should be more conservative with your ammo.

This is a bit biased coming from me of course…the ammo issue seems most problematic with the SMG, since spray-n-pray is the preferred method these days. But on a rifle, you only need one well-aimed shot to nail someone hard.