Suggesting new server modes

I like all the servers and all, but i think we can make even better ones. :smiley: First ide reccomend Arena server, thats like free for all? Something like hunger games, big map i guess?

Ok thats all i have for now, lemme post more if i have any more reccomendations, i forgot my other :-\

One of these days when I have free time I will attempt to make a “one-in-the-chamber” type gamemode. You start off with one rifle bullet / 2 smg bullets / one shotgun bullet (one of those three, not all of them) and every kill you get, you get another one of those (you get another bullet for rifle, or you get another 2 smg bullets, or you get another shotgun round). If you miss and run out of ammo you have to spade or nade someone to get more ammo. Nades would probably be limited per life or a killstreak perk (maybe 1 nade up to a max of 3 every 10 kills?) and I’d love to have an airstrike as a killstreak for like 50 kills lol. It would be FFA on arena maps or maybe a “4 teams” setup. I would be borrowing from all the scripts I could lol.

On a side note. Bring back the parkour server. ):

On a side side note. It would be lots of fun if somehow we could use that mortar script (if it’s floating around) to give people the ability to make a mortar launcher and fire mortars at the enemy tower. Either all of the time or if the enemy team is at 8 or more caps and the other team is at 3 or less caps, to give them something to fight back at the other tower with. Idk, just lots of random brainstorming to spice things up a bit.

I like your idea Torchy, which gives me an idea, a maze arena with portals i guess? So its pop up war xD Suprise 8)
Well i think my idea sucks :-\

One in the chamber exists!
Might put it on aloha if there’s interest. (server linked here)

Parkour is up! aos://1379434439:44887

Nice! Completed the two parkour courses. But, where the double jump course ‘ends’ is where it shouldn’t, there’s a whole 'nother section of the course which I apparently can’t complete. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spade Wars, That special zombie eliminiation game.

Besides the weird reloading glitch, I think It would be lots of fun on small arena maps like the Japanese TOM server. I don’t know if allowing building would be good or bad though.

<3 I shall play on it later. It’s been so long.

one in the chamber was really fun the one time we played it

You know, should make their servers with that gamemodes, like parkour and One In The Chamber. Because, no one plays them nowadays. And that’s bad, since I want to have nostalgia and fun. :frowning:
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Ive tought of new ideas for Server Modes!!

Team Swap! (Arena? Suggested Arena Maps)
Team swap is a mode that at the start of the round, the 2 teams are even. If you kill an opponent, he/she will be transfered to your team after he/she spawns. Last team standing wins (technicaly everyone wins)(maybe Team Swap Arena?)
Ex. 2 blue v 2 greend; Blue kills green, the dead green transfers to blue after he spawns. Then when the last Green is killed, Blue wins. But if green kills blue, blue transfers to green.

Juggernaut!(CTF? Suggested Pinpoint)
Well most of you knows this. Juggernaut mode is like 1 strong guy vs many normal players. Juggernaut should have very High HP, many ammo, but they should be alone (or very few) against many normal players. And the goal of the Juggernaut is to try to capture the enemy intel. Who ever kills the Juggernaut will become the Juggernaut himself, and try to capture the enemy intel as well. And the process goes on and on. Only way to capture the intel is by being the Juggernaut. When there are too many normal players for 1 Juggernaut to handle, there should be 2 Juggernauts!(Juggernaut-blue- vs Normal-green-)

Thanks for listening to my ideas, hope you like them!! :smiley:
Rate my ideas form 1-10 xD

Team Swap! gets 7 from me, and Juggernaut gets 69.

So no one Listen to my Idea? Only Sanic?

i like your idea so much! :slight_smile:

thx, i just hope the admins can make one :3 :smiley:

I want Super Smash Bros. to be a gamemode.
Using spades as punches.

learn2 script