Submitting Map

Here’s a fun little map for arena. It’s a 2 story map takes up about 2 grid blocks, real strait forward. 3 rooms and side runners for the bottom floor, up top you got a center room with a few staircases. Makes for quite the interesting map.

Name: Phases
Authers: MoonGirl, Raglee, Gracidea, Draco, Pokey, Snip

Download Link


Nice map :slight_smile:

Has a Tron feel to it…nice nice.

seems like it offers strategic gameplay, should be fun to play with full teams. added to the rotation on the “arena all maps” server.

p.s. players were dying on spawn because they were spawning into the water. set the z-axis to 60 so they don’t die on spawn:

     'arena_blue_spawn' : (76,263,60),
     'arena_green_spawn' : (191,262,60),

Thanks, I couldn’t figure out the right z axis to stop that from happening.

Nice map