Submit Your #Clips!

Do you enjoy recording your gameplay? :thinking:

To save those sweat clips to then share and show dominance? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do people think you exaggerate or outright LIE about your abilities? :sleepy:

OR, you just want to show-off your kills and get some bragging rights? :hushed:

In any case, this is YOUR opportunity to share your highlights! :partying_face:

Simply record your clips from any game and share them in our new #clips channel on Discord!


share them in the clips category here on the forum! โ†’

Our @news-team will feature the best clips on our discord, forum frontpage, and other social media accounts!

How to upload a clip here on the forum:

Visit our Clips category, click New Topic, and use one of the options below to upload the clip!

* Option 2 and Option 3 limited to 100MB.

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See you on the battlefield! :smile:

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