Strategy Games

Anyone know any cool strategy games? I play one that is based off a sort of “DnD” type (maybe I will try to introduce it someday :-), but I am looking for soe fun strategy games you all know. Thanks!

Yo boi,
Zeitgeist :slight_smile:

Command and Conquer Generals if you want a modern type.
There’s also Starcraft.

I’ve been a fan of the total war series since medieval 2 total war came out. The community loves modding and there are a lot of total conversion mods which make the games new all over again. If you’re more in to space warfare then I recommend stellaris or Galactic Civilizations. I’ve put 275+ hours in to Galactic Civilizations 2. I haven’t tried their newest game. I’m going to try out Hearts of Iron 4 and hopefully it’s better than its predecessor. (Don’t buy Hearts of Iron 3. The game is broken as hell, boring as fuck, and doesn’t work on Windows 10)

Hearts of Iron 4, Age of Empires (all of them), XCOM, World in Conflict, Europa Universalis (all of them).