Stranded 3

Looks kinda fun.

Reminds me of that game where you get high on that island with a bunch of dinosaurs and then enslave a bunch of monkeys to make a boat for you.


Well… I was alluding to the Stranded 2 campaign. I thought you would get that joke.


Oh, I didn’t know that this game existed.

So this is basically a drug user simulator? Seems like it can be fun.

Lol. I wouldn’t say it’s just a flavor element to be able to smoke a joint in it, but it’s free and it’s fun if you know what you’re doing.

No, it’s definitely more fun when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Stranded 2 doesn’t involve monkeys building a boat for you, if I recall. Dang I need to play that game again.

You never got to the fourth island where you get the monkeys to build you a boat and ends the story mode?

I’m playing it now, and it’s kinda fun, thanks for the tip.
I have to figure out how to tame animals… I gave a leaf to a turtle but it didnt like it.
It seems there are no bananas to tame monkeys, i want them as my slaves :frowning:

no, I don’t think so. I only remember getting off of the first island

Don’t write any spoilers if possible. I just found a chest and maybe i could get to another island.
If you still write spoilers, put them in the[details=Warning! Spoiler] :-X[/details]
I like how the events sometimes randomly appear, it adds some entertainment in the game.