Still banned?

Hey members and admins, im still banned on Ik, using hacks is for kids, however if you answer me as soon as possible. If anyone wants to play Fortnut, my id is VoX_ReVolution. See you soon…Wel, I hope that something will change after 3 or 4 months…

P.S: If someone saw my tag (VoX or VoX.ACN), I was waiting for the Fortnite update so i joined arena, if I remember correctly

sorry its kind of hard to read, but if you are trying to get your ban appealed then your best shot is to post here

This ban has been extended permanently at the request of the banning admin. You are no longer welcome on aloha servers (As long as the ban is in effect). Any appeals of this decision are now at the discretion of the banning admin
So? I cant join forever?
Unless your banning admin makes a post here stating that the ban has been lifted, yes you are banned permanently. As I have said before, any re-appeals of the banning admin's decision is at their discretion.

I dont see how it can be made more clear that your ban has NOT been lifted, yet you still seem to be evading.

File a ban appeal and hope for the best. That’s the only thing I can tell you.