Today on Babel about 3:00 PM EST.


Sorry, not enough evidence. Thanks for reporting!

Here is another, not as obvious but if you take the 10 minute video here and the 5 minute video from earlier he has an uncanny ability to know when there is a flanker and is damn near 100 percent on going to the flank when one is there and going up the middle when not. The best “uncanny” part is the end of the video.


Ending was a bit weird but other than that, there wasn’t anything suspicious.

Ok then, its not my server. Odds are pretty darn astronomical for him to be in the right place at the right time darn near 100 percent of the time when someone is flanking and up the middle when they are not. The ending of the second video must also be extremely lucky… I should ask him for lottery numbers next time I see him :slight_smile:

Try playing with him and flanking him sometime. Just dumb luck I guess that he happens to be looking your way when you pop out of an area he shouldn’t have expected you to be.

In the second video it just looks like as if he was going for the spading he hears (try using map next time to see if there isn’t anyone else nearby) and the approaching steps following.

The first video shows him playing defence (thus checking on in a particular confined area) and he goes pretty much for the same people that either reappear on left or right.