So I’m new here and first i just want to express my gratification for putting these servers up.
Okay so on to what i want to purpose. Does anyone want to get a squad together to dominate on these servers. This game is awesome but you really need some tactics to do some of the games on here. I notice a lot of players will just pick any ole class they want not thinking about what the team or squad needs.
Ill be setting up a team speak and id like to get some players to play with me.
Anyone up for it?

hey, welcome

yeah i am definitely up for it, way more fun that way. i saw you in game before, i’ll join your squad next time. when do you usually play?

I would also like to thank you for the servers, they have a consistently low ping here on Maui which is great. I am also interested in playing w/ squad mates that I can talk to and statigize with. Thanks again.

Thats great! after i posted this I remembered that orgin has a voice software so i didnt set up the TS would you two like to still have the TS or just add on orgin and use theres? My orgin account is J0hntra (the 0 is a zero). Im ussusally on during lunch (noon) and after work (five-ish) Hawaii time.

Mumble is pretty nice, ever try it? http://mumble.sourceforge.net no noticeable delays, high quality audio, free/open-source. we have a 24/7 server for it in LA (info on front page)

much better than vent and ts in my opinion, but i’ll use whatever

i usually play later in the evenings but sometimes during the day, just depends. i’ll add you to Origin for now, should be fine if it actually works lol

Oh thanks… I feel dumb now totally didnt see that :-[. okay I am signed up. It will still be easier to add ppl to squads if we are friends on orgin.