Squad and Airstrike Previleges

I recently played on the CTF 24/7 Pinpoint server,and i noticed that you cannot join squads no use airstrikes. I started this topic to start the debate if you should include the ability to use these features. Also to talk about different means of unlocking them. Like how many kills,intel captures,ect…

I dislike the idea of squads, but I have never disliked airstrikes.

to me it seems silly to use squads on maps as small as pinpoint. squads make more sense on large maps because the time spent running around is reduced, but even then i’m against squads because that lost time only makes survival that much more meaningful. besides, the current squad system is buggy. maybe i’ll feel different when the squad system is improved and spawn waves are introduced.

i also don’t like airstrikes because i see them as handouts that reward and punish artificially. doesn’t it feel more rewarding to get kills by manually aiming your crosshair on targets and pulling the trigger with your own hands than by typing a command to do that for you? same goes if you’re the victim; doesn’t it feel “cheap” to get killed by airstrikes?

plus squads and airstrikes aren’t part of the official design and i think trying to retain those kinds of fundamentals supports the game’s original essence.

it seems like there are plenty of other servers with squads and airstrikes anyway, am i wrong about that?

i’m only sharing my opinions so you know the reasoning behind squads and airstrikes being disabled. if you have differing opinions please share them! :slight_smile:

There’s already been another post about squads. But yes, airstrikes on pipoint is kind of useless. The airstrike would usually miss the location anyway

I somewhat disagree with your statement about airstrikes.Getting an airstrike in general is actually very difficult.In my days of playing AOS,I have gotten many airstrikes.What it take to get and use an airstrike is not the easiet thing to do.First,you have to get the amount of kills needed to unlock airstrikes.Then,you must achive a killstreak set by admins to get the airstrike.This step requiers you too use your hand and shoot[pretty obvoius].After killing all those people,you have to run away and type the command for the airstrike.Not to mention if you die anywhere in this process you have too start all over.Squads probably dont need to be added,but i think geting a high number of kills in a row should be rewarded(with an airstrike).I hope this could possibly change your opinoin.

“Getting an airstrike in general is actually very difficult.” difficult? Not for me! not to brag but, If someone as good as me or better joins we can have a whole lot of airstrikes coming randomly. Let me tell you something I used to play LDR tribes a lot, My favorite maps on the server was Firestorm and Raindance, I liked them because when I got an airstrike the spawn was just in like a 1 square on the map, So I was able to get about 10 airstrikes out of basicly 1!

Then SloW said he was going to nerf them, Thats my idea. He nerfed them so you had to get 30 kills to unlock and airstrike, 15 kill streak to get, It was a PAIN! I was about the only one getting it! Sorry if I’m bragging. IF izzy adds airstrikes (he probally won’t) he should nerf them so its harder to get.

Just putting that out their

I’m not all against airstrikes, it feels so good to get one and use it. It’s very satisfying to see your name dominating the killfeed in the top, but I know how to nerf airstrikes so they are easy to get but less powerful. There is a line in the airstrike script that says:

for i in xrange(5):
Whatever is in the parenthesis is the amount of grenades it throws down, a more realistic airstrike would be about 3, so that would be a bit more reasonable.

I am against both, reason for that is squads are completely irritating and airstrikes are simple to get and are unfair for other players.

Personal opinion/experience here.

I believe there used to be another pinpoint called kindredgp or something. It had airstrikes.
It was set at 10 kills per airstrike.
What I’d do was basically get 10 kills, call an airstrike at C4 (or C5), then hide and aim my rifle at C5 (or C4) for people trying to escape them.
The result was I’d get another 10 kills easily, then rinse and repeat the process.
I wind up with a killstreak of 86 once (no joke), and around 200 kills overall. Within 20 minutes.
I also got banned since everyone thought I was hacking >.<

Airstrikes are the bane to cramped maps like Pinpoint.
Furthermore, the fact that airstrike kills count towards airstrikes don’t help.
Since getting an airstrike refills your health and ammo, this makes any server with critical mass susceptible to airstrike-chaining abuse.

I’ve posted elsewhere regarding using squads, and basically they can also be abused easily, so I advocate not using them.

Squads on Ace of Spades completely destroy the realism of war, as stated recently in a different post. Many people come to play on the Aloha servers for the reason of the server not having Squads. With the Airstrikes, however, it’d be a tad overpowered. It’s very easy to get a bunch of kills on the 24/7 Pinpoint server, considering that everyone is charging one another. Stay stealthy and there’s no damage that can be dealt to you. Just my advice.

I think with the air strikes you would spawn kill too much then everyone would quit, it would also make to boring for that team. I think you can’t have air strikes on a map that small…