Spawn community build - Firework display

Fireworks would shoot out in a pattern or randomly from underwater - and we could have stands and a nice path area to get to it.

Would need a lot of gunpowder and dyes.

Who is in? Looking for one other person or two to help out.

Hum i would love to see that coming into spawn, it would be good for some occasion.

but first for that we need a mob tower (since im soonly building 1 inmy house it shouldn’t be a problem)
this way we will have enough GunPowder

2nd im that kind of guy that loves to play with redstone

im in but i’ll be busy with the mob tower for some time

I can possibly help out if you need a hand.

I had a whole idea setup with dispensers and red-stone but never got around to implementing it and based off the redstone setup diffrenent patterns can be formed. It involves setting up a grid of dispensers in the lake (I trashed the original idea with it being down the main road because that idea because setting up a system that moves the block covering the dispenser so it can shoot). The grid under the lake will have to be excavated for this tho

Problem. We need gunpowder for the canal…not that I mind doing fireworks, it’s just we need it for blasting. Oh and if you haven’t noticed, canal workers (with Froe’s permission) used the community gunpowder for fireworks in blasting. Now, I can donate quite a bit of gunpowder, but if this takes off, I’d like to have a lot more of you help work on the canal…mostly by providing gunpowder and making stone bricks, and fences.

They are always shooting out? Maybe a pressure plate or lever with a sign saying “Click the Lever!”

That would be a waste of potential TNT. We’re talking about a one time fireworks display. Even a 3-5 minute one can take millions of gunpowder to complete. (and you heard me right. Millions. I’m talking about a real display. Not just a launch of like, 64 fireworks. I mean different stars and shit. Like a real fireworks show.)

Ohh. K

It would only be a means of displaying fireworks - the supplying of fireworks would only occur when we want to put on a show.